View Full Version : My new bean master model

Dec-01-2007, 4:27pm
Well, here it is. My bean Master model. Just got it today at the Nashville guitar show. Won't say what I paid yet. This thing has to my relatively inexperienced ears has a HUGE sound. Very warm, yet super loud! You can feel the back vibrating against your chest when ya whack it! I was a little shy about buying it, since I had never heard of Billy Bean. I would appreciate any information you more learned pickers could give me..


Dec-01-2007, 11:55pm
cool bean!...I like the color.

Dec-02-2007, 10:59am
Looks good from here. Got more pics?

Billy Bean
Jan-14-2009, 10:13am
Though this thread is a little old , I figured I might be able to shed some light on it. I believe this to be the first F-style mando that I made back in probably the ninties sometime. If the label hasn't been altered it probably says something like 1973-1996 made in Texas and Kentucky. I hand drew a version of the master model label of my own then reduced it down on some paper from Kinkos. I sold it to a fellow from Illinois ( I believe) at the GSW guitar show maybe 10 years ago. He said he was thinking of having the top regraduated and this could have happened. I see it was refinished from the sunburst I put on the little mando. The top of this mando is western red cedar and I'm wondering how it's held up over the years. I didn't bind the headstock either on this one. I did contact the guy I sold it to years later the see where it was but he didn't remember what had happened to it. Let me know if you still have it. I've worked on several other mandos since then, even have a couple of tops and necks roughed out that have been sitting around for a few years. Built maybe 20 flatop guitars over the years also but you can see most of my work on casinos and high-end condos. Saddly this pays the bills. Currently I'm doing a Katrina affected house in Mississippi piecing together cypress back into the old house. Best to you pickers out there, Billy Bean.