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Nov-21-2007, 4:39pm
This started out as a accident while setting up a customers mandolin. I had a accident where a Dremel tool put a deep gouge along the edge of a customers unit and you know I never hit wood. So I traded him out of it and decided to find out how thick this finish was. I found out it was put on thick enough to cover all defects in sanding and cover up the edging to make it look narrow unstead of thick. Well along time later and much lighter mando its starting its way back together. The sound is amazing for a cheaper unit of course its going to have a montolone tailpiece . So I tried a leather dye recommended by a friend and now am sanding most of that off as absorbtion was far from even. So that figured I would scoop the fret board to learn how to do it . So here is where I am at now will post pictures when I finish this.


uneven finish




any ideas on how to even the finish though its not a biggie this will be a knock around mando because its already souding better.

Nov-21-2007, 5:12pm
I don't have any ideas but you could call it the post-apocalyptic mando in its current state! http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Nov-21-2007, 5:20pm
Black topped?

It actually looks kinda cool.


Nov-21-2007, 5:28pm
That's what I was thinking, it does look kinda cool. You could seal it up and call it a day. Otherwise though, assuming you don't like it the way it is, it would seem like a prime candidate for a black top.

Nov-21-2007, 7:24pm
Are you guys talking a black Laquer or black dye than seal it ?? Been tempted to leave it like it is also.

Nov-21-2007, 7:29pm
I kinda like the 'Fire Ball' flame job on the top.

Nov-21-2007, 8:22pm
It would certainly be more distinctive in it's current state than in all black. It got a "wow" out of me anyway.

Nov-21-2007, 9:04pm
The top doesn't look too much worse than this one...


Yours looks a bit like a smoky crystal ball... look into it and tell me my future... or at least the key of the next tune.


Nov-21-2007, 10:48pm
I think you guys are right sand down to 600 grit and then put it together. I really like the look of the scoop over those tiny little frets my fingers would never fit and thanks to you guys I know how to do it now :cool:

Nov-22-2007, 1:43am
Just got to looking a bit closer. After seeing the scroll, I get the impresion it is not a carved mando, but a flat one.

Izzat right?


Nov-22-2007, 11:43am
Maybe not carved but not flat

Rick Crenshaw
Nov-22-2007, 11:49am
Yeah, I was thinking about that scroll. Maybe some rhinestones in a pattern where the scroll carving should be. On a blackface mandolin. Then add a wagonwheel or cactus in rhinestones on a pickguard. 60's country special.

Nov-22-2007, 3:07pm
Actually, it looks like a brindle coated dog...

Nov-22-2007, 4:26pm
Experiment the hell out of it. And if it comes out sounding "clear" at all before finishing, pm me.

Nov-22-2007, 4:30pm
oh....and if you do....please don't blackface it.


Did anyone else listen....for about the umpteenth time to Arlo at noon today?

Nov-22-2007, 7:42pm
The sound is already 100 % better, of course the John Montelone tailpiece I had laying around is alot of the reason

Nov-23-2007, 3:18am
Throw on a set of Waverly tuners and I'll bet it sounds dyn-o-mite! http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/laugh.gif