View Full Version : Octave mando kit #1

Nov-19-2007, 11:43am
Somebody was asking about octave mandolin kits not long ago. Here's one I made from kit supplied by Musicmakers Kits. The main difference between this and the stock kit is that I increased the neck angle to 2 degrees (from zero) as suggested by John Calkin in the GAL magazine review of the kit.

Nov-19-2007, 11:46am
And another picture of it from the front. The rosette is a laser-cut doodad I got with the kit. Also, I replaced the bridge they sent with a compensated, adjustable bridge.

Nov-19-2007, 1:40pm
I love Musicmakers.. They have a great style about their designs. Built my very first instrument, their small 21-I-think-it-was string harp, back in college. Glad to see they're still inspiring folks off the beaten path.