View Full Version : Two new clark f-5s

Austin Clark
Nov-19-2007, 9:38am
These are two out of a batch of three. The blonde is oil varnish only and the sunburst is oil varnish with a french polish. I was trying for a vintage look/feel with the varnish and some other elements (obviously not all...)on the sunbursted one and am very happy with the result.

Austin Clark
Nov-19-2007, 9:39am
a little less blurry...

Nov-19-2007, 9:40am
MMMMM I'd say you nailed it. Looks great

Austin Clark
Nov-19-2007, 9:45am
the back...

Austin Clark
Nov-19-2007, 9:47am
wow Gary, that was quick! Thanks!
a better shot of the back scroll..

Austin Clark
Nov-19-2007, 9:48am
and the blonde...
and yes, that is some crazy bearclaw sitka!

Austin Clark
Nov-19-2007, 9:49am
the backside...

Nov-19-2007, 9:49am
can't get much better looking than that - great work! if they sound as good as they look you're in business my man...

Nov-19-2007, 9:51am
Goodness gracious!

El Greco
Nov-19-2007, 9:54am
Blonds, bearclaws..two of my favorite things (coffee completes the trio)...love it. Great job http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/coffee.gif

Nov-19-2007, 10:04am
Very nice! Clean and elegant.

Nov-19-2007, 10:05am
Black and blonde is my next mandola two point order. Thanks for the reference. Great looking stuff.

Nov-19-2007, 10:18am
Very nice Austin!

Nov-19-2007, 10:18am
Wow. The that blond has some fine looking wood (and wood working!). Both look wonderful.


Chris Biorkman
Nov-19-2007, 10:19am
Love that bearclaw. Got any pics of the headstocks?

Nov-19-2007, 10:28am
oh my...

Kevin Briggs
Nov-19-2007, 10:34am
They look great!

How about some sound clips?

Skip Kelley
Nov-19-2007, 11:21am
Austin, Those are awesome! That is one sweet looking blonde!

Nov-19-2007, 11:32am

Nov-19-2007, 12:06pm
Those look fantastic, Austin!

Nov-19-2007, 12:14pm
Really nice work Austin. I love that sunburst. Would you mind posting a closer picture of the blonde top?

Nov-19-2007, 12:16pm
Great looking mandos. That blonde is awesome!

Joe F
Nov-19-2007, 12:40pm
Man! #If the F5 Austin is building for me looks half as good as those, I'll be very happy indeed.

Bill James
Nov-19-2007, 2:49pm
Very nice Austin!

Joe you lucky dog!

Chris Biorkman
Nov-19-2007, 2:53pm
It's nice to see the evolution of your work. Just keeps getting better and better.

Nov-19-2007, 4:18pm
Love that Blonde! They are more fun.

Nov-19-2007, 4:55pm
I love that bearclaw Sitka!

Two very nice looking mandos, but the blond is my favourite.


Dan Voight
Nov-19-2007, 5:40pm
Bravo. I really like the heel of the neck on the sunburst mando.

Nov-19-2007, 8:19pm
Beautiful....I love the slight recurve on the upper point. I made special effort to add that to my latest as well.

Nov-19-2007, 10:06pm
Your scrolls and the colors of these two instruments are fantastic. I don't know that I could choose between them based simply on beauty and aesthetics. I look forward to seeng more of your intruments. Do you ever make it over to Wintergrass?

Nov-20-2007, 4:30am
they look nice!

Austin Clark
Nov-20-2007, 11:09am

Thanks for all of the great feedback from all of you. It is really nice to hear.
I hope to be at Wintergrass, but things are getting really busy around here, so I am giving it a "we'll see.." for now.

Here is a headstock picture I forgot....

Nov-20-2007, 11:49am
Man, what a nice headstock! Really elegant logo and one of the nicest treatments I've seen of our beloved "flowerpot". Kind of art nouveau, yes? Deco, no? hmmm...

Nov-20-2007, 3:15pm
Love that Blonde with black

Nov-20-2007, 4:14pm
Wow, sweet headsock! That binding scheme is tricky.

Nov-20-2007, 4:40pm
Now that's a pair of mandolins. I would say you are doing something right.

Nov-21-2007, 9:50pm
austin-the sunburst is truly an exquisite mandolin. i am incredibly impressed. it already sounds as good as it looks. can't tell you how happy i am to be financially interested in you:)

Nov-22-2007, 1:53pm
Hey Austin: Nice shot! On both of them, they are both beauties. I usually don't care for blonds but every now and then one pops up and is "over the top" and yours is one of them! Looks great, Mazel Tov! Jd

Nov-22-2007, 1:56pm
Bradeinhorn...Can you please give more of a review of the Sunburst you have in stock please?...

Nov-22-2007, 2:56pm
hi guys,

i'd be glad to do a full review, but need to spend a bit more time with it (can't wait to) darned holiday....

I'll put it up tomorrow along with a youtube vid so you can all see it and hear it for yourselves. If anyone is in the nyc area and curious, by all means come on over!


Nov-23-2007, 2:27pm

Just spent a while picking on the clark. it is already quite warm in the bass and very even across the board. the highs are very sweet and the volume is strong. All in all it shows a ton of potential. The modified v-neck is super comfortable and that combined with the shallow compound radius and low action make for very easy playing. It reminds me very much of the Collings MF-5v deluxe that a friend has. For certain this instrument is on the Collings side of the mandolin tone spectrum (shimmering overtones abound from the lowest to highest notes). The chords really ring nicely, even at under a month old, and I think this instrument will work well not only in a loud band or jam setting, but also in duet or solo performance.

The finish is absolutely gorgeous. The pics, which I think came out really nicely, don't even do this sunburst justice. The development of color from center to side is perfectly proportioned and #gradual and no grain is lost in the darkest parts. One interesting thing that you don't notice unless you are viewing it up close is the antiquing Austin did to the finish. While it looks like a straight oil varnish in the pics, when you view it up close, it has this crackled effect which is really cool. Not sure how to describe it exactly, but it almost looks like whatever gibson does on the DMM models (though it is much more subtle). Additionally, the advanced, yet understated, binding has a nice yellowed effect on it which fits the red brown coloring beautifully. A lot of thought was put into the aesthetics and it has paid off in spades. Another unique feature is the truss rod cover which is inset into the headstock veneer. The personalized James tailpiece is a beautiful addition too.

I will get some soundclips up soon on this one. Again-if anyone is intrigued and in the area, come on by and give it a try.