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Feb-03-2004, 1:32pm
A question for the more experiecned players. I currently have GHS Bobby Osborne strings on my new mandolin because I just happened to have a new set at home. I know that there is a marked difference in the G string gauges of these vs. J-74's or Monroe's for example. The G string on my mando is a little dull (tubby,thuddy,etc) compared to the D-A-E. Do you think that the heavier G would help balance this out? Is it a setup problem, maybe? Just looking for opinions before I buy the next set.

Feb-05-2004, 11:37am
I have heard of violin players who mix and match various gauges, brands, etc to get what they consider the "perfect" tone for their intrument.

of course that will cost you more. I dont know about set ups, since you have others you can play, if you kow how to, go ahead and tinker, I guess.

me personally, I can never decide what tone I like more, I own a few brands of strings, I play around with them, but I have never mixed and matched.
as someone who cant decide what he wants for dinner, I find that WAY too exhaustive of an experiment.

Willie Poole
Feb-06-2004, 12:19pm
Straight A...Of course not all mandos respond the same but I can`t get the sound that I like out of J-74`s or Gibson Monroe`s (which I believe are the same gauges)..At Christmas a friend gave me a set of Monroes and I installed them and my mando never sounded worse, I changed the G string to a .040 and the A string to a .016 and now I am happy...I have always had good luck with GHS silk and bronze and when I buy my strings thats all I put on, I have tried other brands but mostly they are strings that were given to me either as a present or for research purposes..The bottom line is that I have four mandolins that are playable and all of them seem to like the same brand string so it might just be in my mind or just what I like to hear...Don`t be afraid to try other brands and see what sounds best to your ear...Good luck...Willie