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Jonathan Peck
Nov-09-2007, 3:35pm
What do you guys think of this beauty?

Jonathan Peck
Nov-09-2007, 3:38pm
1992, one of the last ones made and fresh out of a collection in virtually un-played condition

Jonathan Peck
Nov-09-2007, 3:40pm
Here's a sound clip for your listening pleasure as played by Chad Fadely

Boston Boy (http://gregboyd.com/Mp3/ChadFadely_GivensA6641AUDIO116.MP3)

Jonathan Peck
Nov-09-2007, 3:45pm
A close up of the Engelmann top

Jonathan Peck
Nov-09-2007, 3:46pm
Nice bold figure on the backside

Jonathan Peck
Nov-09-2007, 3:47pm
Last one

Nov-09-2007, 3:51pm
Now that is one fine lookin' A-style!! Where's my wallet.... http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/wink.gif

Frank Russell
Nov-09-2007, 4:27pm
I used to own the 91 A6 a few items down on that website, the one missing the original snowflake inlays. #If the one you like plays anything like it, or the one my buddy owns (possibly the loudest mandolin I've heard, even from behind), jump on it. #These are worth every penny. #Greg now has my other old Givens, which I traded for a beautiful Randy Wood two point. #Hopefully, we're both happy with the trade. Money permitting, I'll get another Givens someday. #I haven't found much else that beats them, and not for lack of trying. My old A4 got kept back while I let go several mandolins that didn't measure up, including Webers, Gibson F9, A9, F5G deluxe, Collings MF, MT, BRW, Kettler, 2 Old Waves. #It was hard to let it go, but the Wood is pretty amazing. #Frank

Nov-09-2007, 6:14pm
I think you'd look good playing that Givens Jonathan.

Nov-09-2007, 11:17pm
That's the nicest looking Givens A style I've seen. Many of his A's seem to have rather ordinary looking backs and sides. This one is extra flamey. A beautiful Mandolin.

Andrew DeMarco
Nov-09-2007, 11:19pm
can you post a closeup of the snowflake inlay on the fingerboard?

Nov-10-2007, 12:03pm
One of the prettiest Givens I've seen. He was notorious for using plain wood in his instruments.
Beautiful, crisp sound, too.

Nov-10-2007, 4:21pm
Man, that sound clip kind of rearranged my screen a bit.

Nov-11-2007, 12:30pm
Looks like someone placed a couple of the Givens A-6's on hold at Greg Boyd's...Best of luck and please drop a review on the board for those of us curious...

james condino
Nov-11-2007, 12:35pm
That is the nicest looking woods I have ever seen on a Givens. Is it made from the englenman that came out of the Idaho forest fire up near McCall? I'd jump at it if it was in my neighborhood!


Jonathan Peck
Nov-12-2007, 9:51am
That's the nicest looking Givens A style I've seen. Many of his A's seem to have rather ordinary looking backs and sides. This one is extra flamey. A beautiful Mandolin.
I've been wondering about this myself. It was built towards the end of Mr Givens lifetime, so maybe he had a nice piece of wood around that he was saving. Speculation for sure, but I haven't seen another like it, not that they don't exist.

Jonathan Peck
Nov-12-2007, 9:58am
Beautiful, crisp sound, too.
That's what struck me about the clip also, although it may just be from a lack of being played. The Givens all sound consistantly similar in the tone department to me with just some subtle differences.

This one is from the last year of production. I'm told that only the 92's have a truss rod, although getting a tool that'll reacg through the end pin hole might be a real bear.

Nov-12-2007, 10:01am
that is a nice one. i've been all about the a-5 lately. cap'n-are you seriously down to md's dearstone???

learn anything from flinner?

Jonathan Peck
Nov-12-2007, 10:22am
Not yet, but the Dearstone's all the mandolin I really need. I'm seriosly considering letting the rest go. I'm also going to be test driving the Givens, so we'll see.

Nov-12-2007, 1:05pm
I was just gonna ask if you bought that one or not...

Jonathan Peck
Nov-13-2007, 5:17pm
Man, that sound clip kind of rearranged my screen a bit.
In a good way I hope. I've read that the Givens combine both tone and power. Good combination of desirables if you ask me

Sep-10-2008, 9:51am
So Jonathan...did you end up with that Givens from G. Boyd's?

Ken Berner
Sep-10-2008, 1:59pm
Very pleasant dry but crisp and clear tone. The only one I ever played belonged to a friend who owned it from the '70s, and it was an outstanding mandolin.

Sep-10-2008, 6:22pm
keep the givens

Sep-10-2008, 6:51pm
I ordered a Givens through a private party last December and wasn't very impressed with the one I played. I sent it back to the owner. It just didn't play or sound anything like other A models by higher end makers not to mention the F's. So far Givens isn't given me any satisfaction towards purchasing one. Maybe the one I received just wasn't one of the good ones. My understanding is that he cranked them out rather fast. ~o)

Sep-10-2008, 7:40pm
Interesting string spacing at the nut on that one.