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Nov-07-2007, 5:43pm
I'm not sure who the lucky owner is but Neil just sent these to me to look at. Pretty sweet.

Nov-07-2007, 5:45pm

Nov-07-2007, 5:46pm

Nov-07-2007, 5:47pm

Nov-07-2007, 5:49pm
last one...

Nov-07-2007, 5:52pm
Mmmm, yummy. I like the dark binding on blonde. And the headstock design is a very graceful rendition of a paddlehead.
Neal is quite the tease. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Nov-07-2007, 5:55pm
What kind of tone was he aiming for?
Sound clips??

Nov-07-2007, 6:00pm
I don't know what the tone is like.. he just emailed me and asked how I was doing and said this was his latest mandolin! I asked if I could post the pics and he said if I felt so inclined....

Maybe he'll chime in? I think he's on a dailup conection though so he doesn't spend much time online.

Nov-07-2007, 6:10pm
This mandolin is one that I special ordered. I wanted the tone that to be versatile enough for jazz and bluegrass. I've been waiting for quite a while so it's awesome to see some pictures of it.

Nov-07-2007, 6:46pm
I hope this means Neil is recovering. He was reportedly battling illness a while back.

Dan Voight
Nov-08-2007, 11:26am
I love the peghead binding. Very classy.

Nov-08-2007, 1:22pm
I like the little touch on the heel of the peghead. Beautiful looking mandolin.


Steve Davis
Nov-08-2007, 2:03pm
Reminds me of Lawrence Smart's headstock.

John Gardinsky
Nov-08-2007, 8:42pm
A real beauty. Anyone figure out how that truss rod cover stays put?

Nov-09-2007, 9:38am
Double-sided tape, I believe.

Nice work, Neil, as usual!!

Jeff A
Nov-09-2007, 11:27am
Black screws in my truss rod cover. I hope Neil is doing better. He has made some great Mandos, including my F5

Mike Crocker
Nov-10-2007, 5:29pm
I've seen it done with a rare earth magnet and small inlay of metal, but it was tough to get off without scratching the peghead.

Peace, Mooh.

Nov-13-2007, 12:36pm
I spoke with Neil the other day and he seems to be doing better. The mandolin is on its way to me. I'll let you know my impressions once it arrives.

Nov-19-2007, 3:20pm
So.... what do you think?

Nov-19-2007, 3:43pm
I think the Neil Dean mandos are the nicest two-point design I've seen. I'm lusting after the blackface one that's in the Cafe Classifieds right now. However, having bought two mandolins already this year, I'll have to leave it for someone else.

Nov-21-2007, 9:59am
got a chance to play this little sweety last night. It's strung with strings that I'm not familiar with but it was working just fine. Very nice body to the sound and it's nice looking at something different than the rest. Nice work Neil.

Jan-02-2008, 6:06pm
I've finally had a chance to spend some serious time with my new Neil J. Dean mandolin. I have it set up with ted's jazzmando strings which I'm not sure are best for this instrument. Even so, the mandolin has a full well-balanced tone that works really nicely for jazz and choro. I'm sure it would be great as a bluegrass instrument too with different strings. The playability is awesome...it's very comfortable to play. As you'd expect the workmanship is quite nice too. I love the blonde color with the black binding and hardware. Anyway, I'm so happy to see that Neil is feeling well and is again building some fine and inventive mandolins.

james condino
Jan-09-2008, 5:20pm
Nice work Neil! Is that a massage parlor across the street from your shop? Sign me up for a bit of that....


steve V. johnson
Jan-09-2008, 5:31pm
Two points, black appointments and no fretboard inlays! Mmmmmmmmmmmmboy!!!