View Full Version : Don Stiernberg/John Carlini: Free Concert

Ted Eschliman
Jun-03-2004, 8:28am
If you’re within 200 miles of the Nebraska state capitol, you’re within driving distance of one of the midwest’s premier jazz concert series, Jazz in June (http://jazzinjune.com/artists/carlini.html) and Tuesday, June 15th is the night for the John Carlini Quartet. Featuring MandolinCafe fave Don Stiernberg (http://donstiernberg.com/) along with string bass & drums, these four guys bring a sensational Chicago/East Coast blend of acoustic jazz in this free concert at the University of Nebraska’s Sculpture Gardens in front of the Sheldon Art Gallery.
If you’ve heard their latest collaboration, Angel Eyes (http://members.aol.com/mandohack/angeleyes.html), then you’re well aware of the powerful gestalt of these two individuals. #This promises to be an amazing concert, and the perfect outdoor venue to bring the lawn chairs, picnic blanket, and loved ones for a well-earned midweek break.
If we can get enough interested in the Monday night before, I’ve got a venue interested in a jam in their spacious courtyard, Crescent Moon (http://www.crescentmooncoffee.com/index.htm), but I’ll have to know if enough can get into town that early. Lincoln is a wonderful sleepy little college town, and there is plenty to do (http://www.downtownlincoln.org) if you come a day early.