View Full Version : regarding posting a "musing" with photo

Jun-03-2004, 8:14am
this is my song for my dear friend rebecca, I thought I would like to post a pic of her on the beach, and then a pic of the house party the song was recorded at...her song, I recorded probably about 6 or 7:00 in the morning , after no sleep and lots of partying. the girl who watched from the sofa, beautiful and very nice, cried during the middle, she knows a little about rebecca, that her life is sad and that it makes me sad. she could indentify parts in the song with things she knew.)I have never been complimented that way.. beautiful.. do I post the pics elsewhere and just provide the "where to go for" info in the song info section....

I have another song thats pretty cool, actually a gyspy medley. also recorded at the house party....

Jun-03-2004, 6:28pm

On the yahoo groups site, there is still a place to post photos. A few of the members here still have their pics up there....