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Feb-03-2004, 12:19pm
No offense to anyone intended, but I think its time for a bit of a sanity check and for everyone to take a pause and calm down, and impose some self-governance

Recent posts on several boards here have gotten pretty intense over things as silly as who buys what mandolins and for what purpose, and who's a snob, who's not a snob, who's a reverse-snob, who's a counter-snob, who's a fair-weather-snob, etc., ect.

We sound like a bunch of guitar-pickers.

Don't mean to get to high on a horse, somehow I found myself in these threads as well.

But lets put these negative vibes to rest. My eyes are getting tired from all of this.

Scott Tichenor
Feb-03-2004, 12:25pm
I agree with the original post.

Really just wanted an excuse to test out a setting trying to get the clock on this software straightened out.

Also, PLEASE: don't post non-mandolin related images folks. This doesn't help anything and can get out of hand quickly. Funny mandolin pix made in Photoshop are OK but non-mandolin images for folks on modems just makes their download more painful. If the reward is a mandolin related image it's worth it. If not, too bad for them. Please exercise some restraint here. Thank you.

Feb-03-2004, 5:55pm
Sorry about that Scott!

John Flynn
Feb-03-2004, 6:25pm

I completely understand and respect your position and I will grant you that some of the posts on these threads were over the top. But I thought, by and large, those discussions were useful. The attitudes represented by all sides of those arguments are real and more people hold those attitudes than care to admit it. If a forum like this only sought to limit itself to being merely a robotic exchange of information, discussions like that would indeed be superfluous. But if a forum like this seeks to support a virtual community, discussions like that are vital.