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Oct-23-2007, 5:49pm
My brother's neighbor in NYC pulled out a Gibson H1 mandola, serial number 23401 (maybe 1914 or 1915) and was wondering what it might be worth.

The neighbor, who has no idea about mandolins, said he called Mandolin Brother's and they said that it was probably around $1000.

My brother said that everything looked original and it was in pretty good shape...

Any ideas what this might be worth?

My brother was thinking about purchasing it...

I told him to try to get some pictures, but I don't know if he can anytime soon.

Thanks in advance!


Oct-23-2007, 8:13pm
Without seeing it "in the flesh" ... hard to say.
Mandolin Bros. might sell it for $2K (or more) depending on condition, playability, originality, etc.

Mark Marino
Oct-23-2007, 8:23pm
I pretty much agree. having been to Mandolin Bro's, they carry a nice stock of great stuff, and you get what you pay for, but they are not known for deep discounts.

If the instrument sold on ebay, I've seen them go in the $1600-$2000 range, depending on finish, condition, etc. I wouldn't let it go for under $1200 rock bottom.

Oct-23-2007, 8:43pm
Post some pictures. Probably $2-3k depending on condition

Oct-23-2007, 8:51pm
"Mandolin Bros. ....carry a nice stock of great stuff, and you get what you pay for"

Not to put too fine a point on it, but I think "you pay for what you get"

Oct-23-2007, 10:49pm
Thanks for the info.... I will try to get some pictures...


Oct-23-2007, 11:39pm
Googling around, I find prices $2-3,000, including some that luok tres funky! Saw a Craigslist posting last summer for $1,500, lowest I've seen.