View Full Version : Written music for Dave Apollon?

Jun-02-2004, 9:11am
I saw someone looking for Django's music and that made me wonder if anyone has found a source for Dave Apollon's music? Not that I think I have a chance of being able to play it, but it would be fun to butcher it in the privacy of my own home. Daniel

Jim Roberts
Jun-02-2004, 9:58am
Daniel: #In the Autumn 1977 issue of Mandolin World News there is a tune transcribed by Tim Ware as played by Dave Apollon. #The tune is "St. Louis Blues". #It's way beyond my playing capability at this time! #I'd be happy to send you a photocopy if you're interested. #There is also a great article about Apollon in this issue of MWN.


Jun-02-2004, 10:03am
And Sam Bush played Dave's Russian Rag on his Late As Usual record (just a super recording) and it's tabbed out in one of Bush's books.

Jun-03-2004, 10:32am
Hey. There is one of Dave's tunes tabbed out on Dawgnet.com for this month. I'm not sure I remember which song it is, but I learned it myself. It's not very difficult, and there are mp3 files that you can use of the song at full and half speed.

Jun-04-2004, 3:53pm
There are very simple versions of 3 songs done by DA in a Mel Bay book ("Anthology of Mandolin Music"). I've used those as a basic framework to add some embellishment on. The songs are "Two Guitars" "Dark Eyes" and "Moscow Nights". Granted it's not enough to warrant buying the book, but you might find it in the library or something.