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Feb-03-2004, 9:45am
Man, you have to have a handicap parking placard. It is a bitch having a disability, but parking anywhere free is a blast. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/cool.gif

Feb-03-2004, 10:56am
Well, I finally made it to Mandolin Brothers on Staten Island. I spent a little over an hour all by myself playing around with a veriable plethora of plectrum pleasures. I learned so much from that visit. I went in lookin for an inexpensive (under 1,000 and 1,500 absolute tops) A style to suppliment my F-5 Newson. I learned that contrary to my doubts the shorter scale length of the vintage Gibson A's didn't really bother me at all. In fact it made some chord forms easier. I also learned that I didn't like the club like feel of the fatter necks on the vintage A's. So, mark them off the list. I learned that some of those funny looking mandolins like the Phoenix and he Rigel, really do sound GOOD! I liked the Weber Absoroka, but at that price I didn'tlike it THAT much. The Phoenix Bluegrass which I really liked is now ON the list. I learned that what my ears want to hear costs around 2 1/2 kilobucks and it doesn't much matter if it is A style or F style. So, MAS is in remission until I can save up another $1000. But DANG that was fun! It was even worth the $35.00 parking ticket I got or forgeting to add money to the meter. I plan on going back soon or another ticket.

Feb-03-2004, 11:49am
LOL....I know what your talking about!

Feb-03-2004, 2:39pm
Every time I go to Mandolin Brothers my car is ticketed by the parking meter cop. You'll notice, those cops constantly cruise up and down Forest Avenue the few blocks on either side of the store. Let your meter slip for five minutes and you'll be busted! I've knocked myself out trying to keep the meter fed but during the past twelve months, I've gotten four parking tickets.