View Full Version : my new upgraded bitteroot

May-29-2004, 12:29pm
My latest impulse buy--great tone, beautiful instrument. My first (and probably last) f-style.

Coy Wylie
May-29-2004, 2:03pm
I've had a Custom Bitterroot for 3 months now. Mine has a faded leather finish. It just keeps getting better and better. The tone, especially on the higher strings has improved remarkably and the volume seems to have increased. All you need to do now is play the heck out of it.

May-29-2004, 6:17pm
My latest impulse buy...
Your latest impulse buy? #Y'mean there are others? #Let's see 'em!

Seriously, Amy, nice axe! #Wish I had the means to be that impulsive myself!



BTW - still got the Breedlove?

May-29-2004, 6:52pm
Is it normal for the bridge to be at that angle on a weber ... I've seen a couple that have to have the bridge tweeked pretty far for correct intonation. Normal?
Oh, pretty mandolin by the way. I have a standard Bitterroot with the mahongany back. Great mandolins.

Scotti Adams
May-29-2004, 7:26pm
..nope thats not normal....I bet it has some serious intonation problems....easily fixed though with tweaking of the bridge...nice lookin mando tho

May-29-2004, 8:06pm
As far as the brige is concerned--it wasn't like that when I bought it. The picture is from the store Web site. It must have been adjusted, or else it's just the picture angle. My breedlove was my first impulse buy--I had to sell it, but I found a sympathetic family member to buy. I can still play it sometimes, and will buy it back if I ever have the money to . . .