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May-25-2004, 3:59pm
Here is the whole top Tom. And you guys better believe I've already bonded.

Igor The Cat
May-25-2004, 5:45pm

Frank Russell
May-26-2004, 9:14am
Really nice, Dan - Congratulations. I like the lighter stain on that top. Mine is so dark you can hardly see the wood at all, but it sure sounds great. If you're ever looking for minor upgrades, I put some fossilized walrus ivory bridge saddles and nuts on my F9 and A9 and the difference was amazing. Got them from Kurt Gisclair at Husky Acoustics. Frank

May-26-2004, 1:31pm
In what way did it change it? #The action? The sound? You have me interested. Also, do you have a web address for your provider?

Frank Russell
May-26-2004, 1:55pm
huskyacoustics.com - That's Kurt Gisclair's site. He makes picks, nuts, bridges, etc... As far as what it did, better clarity of notes, a bit more volume, just all-around better tone, and the tone was pretty good to start with. I got the ivory-topped bridge saddle from Kurt, and the nut blanks. He even slotted the saddle for no charge. Great guy to work with. Frank

May-29-2004, 4:10pm
Hey Frank,
I'm just curious here. I e-mailed him and got prices and all because I am pretty interested in this; but how does anything that sits on top of a couple of brass pegs make a difference in the overall sound? I mean, all the sound has to transfer down these two brass screw housings to the bottom of the bridge before it can be tranfered into the top. Wouldn't it be better if the whole thing were Bone or Ivory? You know, with no transfer mechanism? Sure you would have to cut a whole new bridge each time you wanted to alter something, but I've had fixed bridges on a dozen great guitars for years without needing to raise or lower them.

I'd like to hear your or anyone else's comments on this as I am now getting very interested.


Jun-13-2004, 3:57pm
Hi Dan,

I don't have time to post here much, but came across your question and figured I would chime in. #The main tonal benefits of the fossil walrus ivory is in the string contact, not so much the whole bridge. #The bridge plays a great roll in the transfer of vibrations through the top of the mandolin. #I still think that ebony is the best material for this. #The ivory cap or full ivory saddle will add projection and more importantly clarity of tone while allowing the ebony to transfer the viabrations to the top. #The vibrations are not exactly transferring down through the brass whells are posts, as mentioned above, the whole bridge is vibrating. #The posts are just one part of the puzzle. #The are just aiding in the support of the saddle. #If you want to discuss it further, just send me an email or give a call. #My contact info is on my website. #Hope this helps. #Take care and keep on pickin'!