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May-24-2004, 4:23pm
Into Shannon and 12 days later out of Dublin; any fests or 'can't miss' stuff (mando/music wise)? I'll be in Cork for the Bank Holiday and am trying to figure out who's playing the UnCorked fest.

mad dawg
May-24-2004, 4:51pm
Try this link (http://www.murphys.com/uncorked/home.html) for the Uncorked festival.

May-24-2004, 6:25pm
Yeah, that's the one that caught my eye to begin with. What I should've said was; who are those folks? and are any recommended?

May-26-2004, 2:40am
Are you planning on visiting Galway?

May-26-2004, 11:30am
Being the true poor planner I am, I say without question;
I'm not sure. I want to, let's put it that way.
Where/who should I hear there?
Do you play out?

steve V. johnson
May-26-2004, 11:43am
I've not been there this far into the tourist season...

But we've generally found the best music outside of the cities.

Check the "Golden Pages" for music stores that sell instruments and stop in to the ones you find (there aren't really many in the book) and/or ask around for music stores, then ask the store folks where to find sessions.

As I understand, there are LOTS of sessions this time of year, and locals are paid to lead sessions in most of the pubs, so that tourists will come in. But there are other sessions in which the locals play just for themselves, and I'm told that those can only be found by word of mouth.

We usually go in either Febr and early March (gotta be back for St Pat's day gigs0 or in late April and Early May. This gets us much cheaper rates and fewer tourist crowds, adn it's much easier to meet folks.

You'll have a wonderful time whatever! Yes, there are Great sessions in Galway city!


Mike McCoy
May-26-2004, 6:49pm
On the West Coast about 1.5 hours away from Shannon airport is the village of Doolin. Doolin is know world wide for traditional Irish music. Check out O'Connor's Pub in Doolin if you decide to go there.

May-27-2004, 4:48am
If you do make it to Galway, you'll find plenty of sessions, all through the week. The Crane Bar and Tigh Chóilí both have sessions seven nights a week (generally starting 9.30 - 10) and some afternoons/evenings as well. There are plenty of others as well, all within easy walking distance of one another in the City centre.

Pubs can get kind of crowded this time of year, so you might be advised to get in reasonably early if you want a seat.

I don't play out so much as I used to, so I can't tell you off the top of my head exactly who plays where and when. I still try to get in for the session on Sunday afternoons in Tigh Chóilí when I can. (I play the guitar there - I'm very much a domestic mandolin player and my bouzouki is in need of a refret that I haven't got around to in months.)

By the way, if you're a non-smoker, the good news is that smoking in bars is now outlawed here.

If you do think you might make it this way, send me a PM and I'll give you my contact details - I'll see if I can find more stuff you might be interested in.

May-27-2004, 6:40am
Thanks folks!
I'd like to promise that no mandolins will be harmed during my visit (I won't be playing).
POB, PM is on it's way.

Mike McCoy,
I have a friend with a slightly similar name; Mike McCoy.
He was almost banned for life at our local bar for playing
the Allman Brother's "Mountain Jam" on the CD jukebox twice in one night. Any relation?

May-27-2004, 8:11am
Padraig, I had no idea you're from Galway. I've nosed around people's profiles tying to find any fellow 'galwegians' and come up short. I've just finished my fresher year at NUIG and I'm sorry to say I leave for Kilkenny (and home after that) tomorrow. Perhaps we can figure something out when i return in September.
Madobob: I would recommend Monroe's. It's a paid session that's miked up, but there's a really good b@anjo player who tends to play on either fridays or saturdays. Padraig probably knows more about him than I do. I know it's not a mandolin, but he's quite good. The only mandolin I've seen playing was with a band playing everything from trad to Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard in Richardson's on the corner of Eyre Square. Taffee's has excellent Guiness, but it tends to be so packed with both locals and tourists that if you're not in by 8:00PM you're probably not going to get a seat, and I've never heard an evening session that was purely instrumental there. But it's hard to go wrong in Galway. Enjoy!

Mike McCoy
May-27-2004, 8:16am
LOL! I wouldn't doubt it a bit very distant maybe, the gene is there. So what's wrong with the Allman Brothers or Mountain Jam for that matter?!?! http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/wink.gif

May-27-2004, 8:41am
Hey Jaws,

That's a shame! I just checked my profile info and I only had "Ireland". I've just amended it to "Galway, Ireland", so hopefully other mandofolks will know they can look me up if they need any info about the goings-on here. #

As I said, I haven't been playing out as much lately, but Enda Scahill used to do a lot of gigs in Monroe's - it may be him that you're talking about. He's an excellent player and a really great guy. Also plays mandolin and tenor guitar.

Anyway, have a great Summer and definitely give me a shout when you get back in the Autumn.

Mike McCoy
May-27-2004, 9:25am
Aaahhh, Pádraig I should have checked the profiles myself! I was just over last Winter and went through Galway! I was on a round about that took my wife an me from Shannon up through Sligo and over to Dublin. Renee and I exhibited in a group art exibition at Ardgillan castle. Next time I'll give you a shout.

May-27-2004, 9:41am
Mike, please do look me up when you're back this way.

Bob, I just looked at the Uncorked brochure - I'd recommend Chad Dughi and John Spillane. Chad has lived a lot of the last few years in Galway and I think he's great. He does a lot of Woody Guthrie / Leadbelly -style stuff, with a lot of his own material as well. Some of his stuff has an early jazz feel to it. Great voice, excellent guitar picker, truly nice guy.

John Spillane is one of the best contemporary Irish singer/songwriters at the moment. Used to be bassist/singer with Nomos. Very individualistic, sometimes quirky.

May-27-2004, 10:00am
Great stuff all; if I mix in these suggestions with some touristy stuff for the dear Wifey, I'll be set.

The other Mike McCoy would play 'air guitar' and make the cartoon guitar sound that kids make(half nose/half throat) 'bern bern BERN' along with all 40 minutes of M Jam.
It made the locals uneasy...

Mike McCoy
May-27-2004, 11:29am
I hearby disavow any link to kinship (how ever remote) with the man... makes me a bit uneasy right now!

May-28-2004, 1:22am
Hello Mandobob,
Ruaidhri here,
When you are in Cork you'll find sessions on on Friday evening 6.30pm in the Sin E bar in Coburg street, theres music there other nights as well. Next door to this is the Corner house ahd theres sessions a lot of nights and Bluegrass on Mondays. The Pier Head bar in Blackrock (Cork) has a session on Thursday night (9.30). The Spailpin on South Main Street (Cork) also has sessions downstairs on most nights. Theres bound to be festival somewhere other than Cork on the June long weekend but I dont know off the top of my head. Enjoy Ireland, Ruaidhri.

May-28-2004, 7:28am
I feel like a little kid waiting for vacation!
Man do I wish I could play better (ok, I wish I could play at ALL). I dare not try to sit in on a session.

May-28-2004, 8:00am
I dare not try to sit in on a session.
I'm sure you can be persuaded to play a bit... http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/wink.gif

May-29-2004, 7:48am
I would love to play but I can only play a few BG, old timey type songs, and standard 'rock' tunes (the Band, Grateful Dead) on the mandolin.
And as we noted in the thread you started about 'worst experiences', ain't nobody needs 'nother guitar player faking an Irish tune.
I'd need to find an extremely patient band and audience,
or possibly run a huge barbill;
"Drinks are on the awful American on the mandolin!"
And if I do attempt it, hopefully you're there to report back here on the crime scene.