View Full Version : sweet scented charango players

May-23-2004, 5:27am
any charango players out there - perfumed or other wise?
want to come out and play?
sincerely - bill

perhaps i should be a bit more explicit.
contributors to the medieval/renaissance/classical threads on the message board have very kindly tolerated my intrusion into their business for quite some time now and i was wonderfing if there are any amongst you who would entertain the idea of adding the charango to the CBOM section of the message board? #from what i've gathered, almost everyone has one but doesn't play it much. this is a shame because it's a beautiful, soulful little instrument. like the cittern, its roots are early #european and the with the possibility of different tunings it could be opened up to a more varied repertoire and (hopefully) a wider circle of happy players.
there are no sites (in english) for the charango at the moment that are in the same league as this one and i would welcome the exchange of information.
please let me know what you think about this proposal and thank you for any consideration you might give it.
sincerely - bill