View Full Version : Recording & Downloading a mando ringtone

May-21-2004, 11:20pm
I'd love to have a mando ringtone for the new phone, but don't know the technicals.

What format would a recording need to be? Placed on a web page to download? I've got a Sprint phone that should be able to play any ringtone Thanks.

John Flynn
May-22-2004, 4:01am
I don't know all the download possibilities and I am intersted to see what more knowledgeable people say about that. I do know that some phone manufacturers and some service providers have downloads and/or download instructions on thier web sites. I think the methods may be different for different phones and services. Also, there is a "composer" function in some phones where you can create your own ring tones. My Sony Ericsson has that.

I programmed the "A" part of the Missouri fiddle tune, "Squirrel Heads and Gravy" as my ring tone. I'm betting I am the only person on the planet with that ring tone! I love it when people ask, "What tune is that?" and then see the reactions when I tell them!