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bo carter
May-21-2004, 5:54am
Is there anyone in this group who lives in New York's Catskill Mountains who knows of or is willilg to get together to play some tunes? I play mandolin and Octave mandolin and I have a friend who plays fiddle.

Tom C
May-21-2004, 7:44am
Exits 18-21? I'm in Rockland county by the Tappanzee Br.
I'd be up for it. Were you at the cafe mando gathering last year at the park near troy? about 15 or so of us got together. -Tom

Richard Singleton
May-21-2004, 10:42pm
I'm in the mid Hudson Valley further down as well.(Putnam county)Would be interested in getting together with any local mandolin cafe folk to play. The past few months have been attending a monthly Irish session down here, and its been a great experience!

bo carter
May-22-2004, 6:51am
Hi Richard and Tom;
Thanks for your response. No, I knew nothing about the gathering last year but I would love to know if it will happen again.
Maybe we could plan a meeting.I live near Woodstock. I'm fairly flexible regarding schedule. I'm not what you would call an "accomplished" player but I can hold my own in melody and accompaniment and I have a good sense of rhythm and I do love the music.

steve V. johnson
May-22-2004, 3:56pm

Will your folks be going to the Irish Week at East Durham?

Is that a good time?

I've been told it's tough to find lodging in the area for the Week unless you book a year in advance... Is that right?

I'd like to go... thinking about it...



May-24-2004, 11:28am
I may be vacationing in the Woodstock area for a week or so in August, and if so, may be up for a session...

meanwhile, let me ask... is the Irish week you're talking about in that area? If so, when is it, and can you send me a link to more info?


Jul-22-2004, 11:26am
I jam quite a bit in the Renneselrville area - moslty acoustic rock to keepthe folks happy, but I myslef am heavily into Irish and what not, I play mando octave mando and mando cello , and guitar.

hit me on email if you want to get together - the square at woodstock works for me some sunday afternoon.

Tom C
Jul-22-2004, 11:58am
<span style='color:purple'>The return of Halfdeadhippie</span> Where have you been Tim?
I can meet anytime except 30th-8th due to symposium madness. John,
it sounds like we'd be compatable.

Jul-22-2004, 3:12pm
Hey Tom missed you at Grey Fox - Jorma Knocked me out!
Barry was sweet up there - saw him up in Altamont with the klezmer mountain boys, am absolutly in love with Margo the clarinet player!
Be up for playin when ever - was hookin up with some folks from Mass so who knows
I met this kid Bryce Milano from Philly, jammed with him a while - at 12 years old he was playing circles around me- Bach sonatas and some sweet Jethro style stuff, , the next Thile for sure.
I think I saw where Alan wants to do another upstate Jam, gettin to be that time of year
keep in touch!