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Mark Simcox
May-20-2004, 3:07pm
Some of my students at school have found a guitar tab for Pelagia's Song (the main theme from Captain Corelli's) but I have yet to find one for my mandolin. Any ideas folks?? I need it for a performance in the summer.

May-20-2004, 4:04pm
Well, I did a quick import of that song from the guitar tab, into TablEdit, transposing it down one octave. Is that right? I think the high E on a mandolin is one octave above the high E on a guitar.

I have no idea what the timing of the song is, so it sounds really choppy. I've never heard this tune. But the TablEdit version is attached.



May-21-2004, 6:43am
OK, I think I did that wrong. I actually have no idea what octave that song should be done in, on the mandolin.

I did correct one mistake in the 2nd measure, a note that was obviously wrong. The text import didn't pick it up. Corrected tab attached.

May-22-2004, 11:00am
Hi would love to get the music to that tune ,I did learn to play it just by listening to it. I find that when I can,t find the music to the tune I just listen to it over and over than I can pick it up on my mandolin. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/coffee.gif

Plamen Ivanov
May-23-2004, 12:36am
Could provide the standard notation of the song...

May-24-2004, 7:38am

The standard notation is part of the files I've posted. In TablEdit, you just have to tell it to display the standard notation. There are a couple of ways to do this--the way I do it, is using "Print Preview". It gives options for display in that dialog box.

Plamen Ivanov
May-25-2004, 12:07am
Hello, Kelly_guy!

Thanks for the info and I`m sorry, that I didn`t look the files, you`ve posted. I wrote down the standard notation two years ago with my "Capella" note-typing programm. I`ll try to see your version.

Good luck!

Aug-19-2009, 2:33pm
what programme do i have to download to get the song, TEF??? any ideas? thanks

Plamen Ivanov
Aug-20-2009, 1:05am
TablEdit (Editor or Viewer).

Aug-21-2009, 2:44pm
thanks great song