View Full Version : Music to Jam With?

Feb-01-2004, 2:29pm
I am trying to learn to accompany a guitar and am looking for music online to jam with. Does anyone know of any sites that have guitar music (playing chords only) that one can listen to?

Eventually I will get a device to record my guitar myself but in the meantime would like to practice.

Thanks for any info!


Feb-01-2004, 2:44pm
If you use Tabledit you can get music from www.co-mando.com,u can get tabledit at the Co-mando site. the site has songs in tabledit format which you can download and play in tablebit. you can take away the lead instrument and just leavethe guitar(if there is one in the song)to play by its self doing chords. i hope that made sence

Feb-01-2004, 6:19pm
I jam along with the best poet in the world. He backs me up with singing and guitar. He's on a cd...

Feb-01-2004, 11:52pm
Jay Buckey (http://jaybuckeymusic.com/Mandolin.htm) has some very good material. He calls it "Virual Band". He plays all the instruments, and you can order a "mandolin version" that has the mando isolated to one side of the stereo sound so you can turn it on or off and play along with the band. With WinAmp or Amazing Slow Downer or other such software, you can slow down the tunes to learn/practice.

He has free downloads available and they cycle to different ones occasionally. Definitely worth buying one or more of his ebooks though. They include tab as well. If you don't get to jam with other live musicians much, it's a great tool.

(BTW, no interest or affiliation......)