View Full Version : New York Pro Mandolins

Feb-01-2004, 2:05pm
What do you think of them? Are they good Mandolins?

Feb-01-2004, 4:33pm

Feb-01-2004, 6:07pm
steer clear at all costs. Seriously, I haven't personally played one but the craftsmanship looks very suspect. Your money would be better spent, IMO.
Good luck.

Feb-01-2004, 7:15pm
What do you mean by "Suspect"? The one i was looking to buy said it was made out of solid woods, so......

Feb-01-2004, 8:31pm
I was referring to the scroll on their F-style, and the placement and quality of the tuners. The A-style appears to be made in the same factory as all the other Samick mandos in Korea. It may very well be a good starter mando, but from what I have read and heard, you will need to plan to have the thing set up to make it playable. It's all up to you, just a matter of what you want out of an instrument. I don't want to be presumptuous, but if you want something to hang on to for a while and enjoy playing, consider a higher quality instrument. Just trying to help, all of the above is just my opinion, so take it as such. Best of luck.

Christine W
Feb-03-2004, 1:31am
That was the first mandolin (A style) I owned for one day excaclty. My teacher looked at it and there were so many things wrong with it he told me to try and get my money back. I did and bought a more expensive Kentucky. I didn' t know anything about mandolins at the time so I trusted his opinion. That is the extent of my knowledge about them. I hope this helps.