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May-12-2004, 10:27am
Here is a few pics of a 81 Taggart made by Bruce Taggart of Nashville Indiana, his shop is down the road from Bean Blossom about a mile. This particular mando had one owner who died about 5 years ago, Bruce bought it back from the widow and had it sitting in his shop for over a year. It is really becoming a monster.

May-12-2004, 10:28am
81 Taggart

Scotti Adams
May-12-2004, 10:30am
..dang..now if that dont bring back memories..I used to own 2 of these..great mandos....how she sounding? If I remember right..the infamous John Greven used to make all of Bruces' inlay...he used to live in Little Nashville as well..I love that little hamlett..would like to live there someday...

May-12-2004, 10:31am
81 Taggart

May-12-2004, 10:32am
81 Taggart

Darryl Wolfe
May-12-2004, 10:38am
That's really good work..especially considering the scale of what was available in '81

May-12-2004, 10:40am
Doug Harden of The Not-Too-Bad Bluegrass Band plays a Taggart. He gets great tone and sound out of it. I think they got a few sample tunes on the website. http://www.ntbbb.com/

May-12-2004, 1:04pm
Scotti, are you going to Bean Blossom this year? I would love to hear you pick it to see what it could really do!

Scotti Adams
May-12-2004, 2:03pm
..I dont know if I will make it or not....it will be one of those things that I just get up that morning and decide to go....

Scotti Adams
May-13-2004, 9:06am
..whatever happened to Jake Brown..aka MandoMonster?....he use to drop by here alot..he plays a Taggart.....

May-13-2004, 11:45am
Hope he dont mind but here are a few links to Jake and Deer Creek

http://www.bluegrasspro.com/Bluegra....io.html (http://www.bluegrasspro.com/BluegrassPRO.net/BlueGrassPro/DeerCreek/Bio.html)


May-13-2004, 1:41pm
I was reading through the links that earthsave kindly provided about Jake and boy that mandolin has a lot of history behind it. I met Jake 2 years ago at Bean Blossom and got to play his Taggart. It had alot of wear and tear but it sure sounded good, played real easy too. I was amazed at how well Jake played and with such ease, after reading his bio and seeing how he practiced 6 to 7 hours a day I now realized how he was able to come along so quickly. Still there is a lot of natural talent in that guy, he is one hot picker.

May-13-2004, 2:00pm
Jake's a top notch guy. Our band Sycamore Flats has shared the bill with James White and Deer Creek band a few times and they are all class acts. Good guys. Olivia Smiley has been playing with us also. Very good fiddle player. She's an incredible player and singer. Jake tears that mando up though. Every time I see him he amazes me. His playing is nothing short of maniacal. Quick and tasteful. He's quite the flat top picker too. One of the best around! Jake you around?......

Also, that mando does sound great. He gets a great chop and tone out of that bugger.

Scotti Adams
May-14-2004, 9:21am
..I got an email from Jake and I told him he was a topic of conversation here.....I guess he was in attendance at the Friendship Indiana fester that I played at last friday with Coal Train....I didnt see him but he seen me. Gave some good compliments about the band, myself and BRW #6. I told him not to make him self so scarce next time....

May-14-2004, 4:05pm
I just got an email from Jake about my Taggart, I listed it in the classifieds because this particular neck is causing hand cramps for me, go figure, one of the best mandos I have owned and it gives me hand cramps. The Taggarts have a V shaped neck, seems like the only neck I can play that doesn't give me cramps is the more rounded clubby type necks.

Eric Hanson
Apr-02-2009, 7:53am
Just saw this on a "Taggart" search. I have played a few of his mandolins and have found each of them to play soooo easily. Great setup and wonderful workmanship. I hope to own one someday. Great guy to talk to also. He really cares about his wood choice and the "mojo" that goes into the building. I wonder why they are not spoken of more.:confused:

Apr-02-2009, 9:31am
That thing looks like a tone monster.

Apr-02-2009, 10:21am
Bruce had a couple at the mando tasting in Martinsville last fall and they all sounded and played spectacular. In particular, he had an Italian Spruce topped mandolin that was phenomenal. IMHO, it clearly was the second best instrument at the tasting following closely on the tails of a Dude. If I were looking for a Taggart, I'd inquire about that one.

Jan-29-2010, 7:53pm
I have had two Taggarts and absolutely love the mando's and the man. My first one was like #24 or something. I went to visit Bruce in 2001 and fell in love with a mando he had at the shop. Instead of selling or trading for that one he built me a beautiful hershey brown -- #90. Well, after all the praise for this great instrument I gotta say that it is for sale. I called Bruce the other day ..."Bruce , I met someone else, but I still love you."
ahh, so many great instruments , so little do-re-mi. I will post the new Mandolin asap. and I will also try and figure out how to post shots of #90 - gotta practice now.