View Full Version : Cluck old hen w/cigar box mando

May-11-2004, 11:31pm
If anyone is interested, I posted a recording of Cluck Old Hen in the Miscellaneous Musing folder over at the Yahoo site that I recorded with my homemade cigar box mandolin. I posted pictures of this mandolin last week (I think it was last week!) Tell me what you think.

May-14-2004, 5:02pm

thanks for your post of cluck old hen. sorry i wasn't able to comment sooner, been on holidays. that cigar-box-mando has real old-timey sound to it. pretty cool. can we see a pic of it? you say you made it yourself? anyway, it brings a neat dimension to this song. good job!


May-15-2004, 1:18am
Thanks Craig. Yeah, I made it myself. It has a pretty good sound for being a cigar box! By the way, thanks for this project. You're doing a great job and everyone really appreciates it.

Here are some pictures

May-15-2004, 1:19am
...and the back.

May-15-2004, 3:23am
Wow, Joshro, that looks really cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May-15-2004, 3:26am
By the way, I love your Cluck old hen. Very nice back-up! Your version is similar to mine, just with a few more 8th notes, it sounds great.

May-15-2004, 11:57am
Thanks! I liked your version too. It sounded great with the double stops.