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Rick Schmidlin
Mar-22-2007, 1:37pm
I love playing bluegrass on MF5 but I am really having a great time playing classical and english folk and draws me to that a lot,what about you MF5 players?

Mar-22-2007, 2:21pm
I own a Collings Model A. I use it as my main instrument when I perform on mandolin with the Providence Mandolin Orchestra. I would not describe it as a "classical" sound as that term is used in these parts, but it works extremely well in a MO context. Normally it is strung with Thomastik.

Jim Garber
Mar-22-2007, 2:34pm
Use whatever mandolin you like for whatever music you like. There are no hard and fast rules. It really doesn't matter. I have played some jazz and swing on my bowlback.

The Gibson F5 was originally intended to appeal to players of classical music.


Bob A
Mar-22-2007, 2:44pm
On the other hand, no reason you couldn't branch out into alternative tonalities. At any rate, that excuse has always worked for me.

Jack Roberts
Mar-29-2007, 9:08pm
Hey Rick: I play my MF for classical more than any other style of music. I love the way the sound just soars when I play up the neck. I used Thomstiks originally, but now I use J-74s and they sound great.


John Hill
Apr-01-2007, 9:25am
I'll second jgarber's post. Look at Mike Marshall, he plays everything on his Loar: jazz, classical, 'grass, choro, fiddle tunes...you name it. I don't think the instrument matters, just "play 'er pretty son".