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Hubert Angaiak
May-09-2004, 8:02pm
I have solid body with EMG pickup and would like to add a bridge piezo pickup. The volume/tone cavity is about 3" by 2". I'm thinking I would need to route the bridge wire through the pickup to avoid drilling holes. Where can I go to get schematics to do this? I thought I saw an EMG bridge somewhere, but wasn't on their webpage. Which preamp would I need? Thanks

May-09-2004, 10:06pm
What kind of bridge #are you replacing?
One example from my experiments:
I had retrofitted 4 RMC acoustic gold bridge pieces into the E mando I had..1 per string..they are the best sounding # piezo signal i've heard.
one small hole into the body,for the 4 wires to the (DIN mini)output jack, and the bridge sits on top of it.
This had a rather low floating style bridge.
Install tech replaced it with another with small rectangular pockets (intonated locations) with small holes for pickup leads pointing towards the center, with a hole in the body underneath.

[I use mine to run 2 Roland (GR33&GR30) synths.
An RMC polydrive#2 on the music stand does the conversion.]

Schatten , Fishman #offer the sort of one on A/F archtop bridge, one signal lead.
Or guitar type bridgepieces? Strat? gibson tune-o-matic types? there are individual pickup bridgepieces which can be wired separately to DIN mini jacks , or unify to #a #common + onto a 2nd 1/4" jack , or replacing TS jack with TRS Jack and then splitting the outputs with a splitter Y cable Tip for one pickup, ring for the other.

LR Baggs ,for example has a blender preamp,[Its for minimic and piezo,though, I think?] or you can use 2 stomp preamps with differing characteristics, like digital signal processors #and then a blend sub-mixer to create signal combinations, layers or an A/B choice.1st for electric guitar tones , and a 2nd one with acoustic tone shaping for piezos. A small sub-mixer or a pair of volume pedals will give a convenient output control.

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