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May-08-2004, 12:27pm
Sorry, Im sure this question has been asked and answered but nothing turned up on my search. I was looking at the pay the reckoning web site (and really enjoying it ) and was wondering where I could find the tab for the version of this song that Aidan plays. Im trying to pick it out by ear with limited success. Thanks for any help

Scott Tichenor
May-08-2004, 2:26pm
Google search for: pay the reckoning yields


May-08-2004, 6:49pm
The song also goes by the name of Jacksons Bottle of Brandy. Ideas?

May-09-2004, 5:14am
For tablature for Pay the Reckoning:
Register for free at The Session (www.thesession.org).
Use the Search feature under Tunes to locate the tune. #
It's there along with many other traditional tunes.
Download the tune in ABC format.
Open the downloaded file with TablEdit (free download from www.tabledit.com).
The tab may initially be for guitar.
If so, select these functions from the bar near the top:
Score, Instrument, Tuning.
In the drop down menu select Mandolin GDAE.
Respond Yes to module change, click on OK.
The downloaded file is now in mandolin tab which TablEdit will play for you.
TablEdit will also open midi files.
The not-for-free version of TablEdit has more functionality than the free one.

May-09-2004, 8:01am
Thanks for the great info. On the upside, while waiting for you great people to answer this question I was actually able learn this song by ear. This was a first for me and quite satisfying. Thanks again!

May-09-2004, 8:52am
Here are the polkas (I'm not sure whether they are numbered correctly) in abc format, with chords added in. I have put in the chords as I might play them - they might sound wrong to anyone else, but they sound right to me. Whatever the case, it is only a suggested accompaniment, so I recommend you learn it and then ignore it.

T:Ballydesmond Polka#1
"Am"EA A>B|cd eg|"G"G2 G>A|"Em"GE ED|"Am"EA A>B|cd ef|"G"ge "Em"dB|1 "Am
"A2 A>G:|2 "Am"A2 A2||
|:"Am"a>g ab|ag ef|"G"g>f ga|"Em"ge ed|"Am"ea a>b|ag ef|"Em"ge "G"dB|1 "
Am"A2 A2:|2 "Am"A2 AG||

T:Ballydesmond Polka #2
AB|"Am" c2 "G" B2|"Am" A2 "G" G>A|Bd ed|"Em" g2 ed|"Am" ea g>e|"G" dB GA
/B/|"Am" ce "G" dB|"Am" A2 :| A2|
|:"Am" ea ag/e/|"G" dg gd|"Am" ea "D" ab|"G" g2 "Em" ed|"Am" ea g>e|"G"
dB "Em" GA/B/|"F" ce "G" dB|"Am" A2 A2:|

May-09-2004, 8:56am
Sorry - I posted that last entry in the wrong thread. Please refer to 'Chords for the Ballydesmond Polkas' if you want to know what I'm talking about.