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Ken Waltham
May-06-2004, 5:41pm
Hi guys. I have acquired a Gibson Tenor Lute from 1924. While this is way cool, it doesn't really have too much appeal to me... but...
I have an idea to convert it to a mandola. What we will have is a Loar graduated, F hole, A body style mandola.
It should be the rough equivilent of the one and only A5 mandolin.
I need one thing.
Does anyone out there have a set of Gibson a style tuners from 1923 or 1924? I greatly prefer arrow end tuners for this project.
This is a tough decision, and one I don't take lightly. I plan on having the tenor banjo neck taken out very carefully, and set aside for history. It can go back in if need be. All construction will be done with hide glue.
If there's interest, I'll post before and after photos.
BTW, this one turned up locally, and, only a day or two after I had been wondering where it had gone.
10 years ago I recieved a call about it from the owner, but we reached no deal. Then, just as I was again thinking about such a thing, and long ago lost touch with this fellow, he called!
Very cool.

May-07-2004, 12:04am
Octave 'dola . or enjoy it as it is (my first impression)
tenor tuning would be fine, 3 bronzewrap 1 plain. fairly light guage set.
then just shop for a proper mandola.
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