View Full Version : Looking for black tuning machines

May-06-2004, 1:04am

Has anybody seen any black tuning machines like Grover or Schaller ? I'm having an octave mandolin built here in France and since it will be all black finish, I'm looking for some black gears.Thanks for your help.
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Bandersnatch Reverb
May-06-2004, 5:22pm
They are not the "best" quality, but the ones that Tacoma sells will work on standard spacing. Didn't somebody say Grover has made up some black ones?

Ward Elliott
May-06-2004, 5:33pm
A friend of mine was looking for some recently too. He was directed to call a Grover rep who told him to call Harris Teller, the wholesaler. He got them ordered about 3 weeks ago from them, but he's still waiting and he was told it could be another month or so. Just google Harris Teller if you don't have their contact info. If you find a better source, I'd sure like to hear about it. Good luck........Ward Elliott