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Bob A
May-05-2004, 9:36am
Reesaber posted a query in the Builders section the other day that got no response. Basically he was wondering about the existence or design of a stand for a bowlback; how they might be best supported. Seemed like a good question.

I speculated that securing them in a stand that would hold them vertically might be best. I read somewhere that hanging by the neck is not a good idea, though you'd thing the tension of the strings would counter the pull of gravity.

Anyone who actually knows what would be best is eagerly encouraged to contribute. Thanks.

Jim Garber
May-05-2004, 9:48am
I am not sure why hanging them by the neck (ulp!) would be any worse for a bowlback than any other mandolin or guitar. On the other hand I am so paranoid that my instuments go right into the case if I am not playing them. I don;t think I would want any out on stands anyway. Just my 2 euros.


Bob A
May-05-2004, 1:12pm
Yeah, I'm with you on the case thing. Still, a lucid, uh, elucidation of the tensions on the instrument would be enlightening. There seems no proper way of supporting a bowlback, short of suspension in nullgrav.

John Uhrig
May-05-2004, 3:37pm
Well I'm one for leaving my instruments out. I have my mandos (bowlback and F-5) hanging on the wall. I use the String Swing bracket. I've never had any problem with them, and you can screw them into a stud in the wall for extra support.

John Bertotti
May-05-2004, 5:38pm
Bob A thanks for the repost here. I've spent so much time in the builders section it didn't occur to me to post it here. Thanks all for the replies, I was just looking for alternatives. This gig bag offers protection but not a lot. With 6 cats and a dog running rampant I was looking for stands so I could come up with something for my wall other than neck suspension. Thanks again John http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif

Bob DeVellis
May-06-2004, 2:21pm
Although I'm generally not crazy about this type of stand, I find they work well for a bowlbac because it can be bent to a narrower stance that cradles the bowl nicely. Also you can slide the contact pads/tubing to make contact with suitable spots on the instrument. I assume the argument agains hanging them is based on the rather fragile construction of the ribs-to-neck joints and the proneness of bowlbacks to failures in that location. Sorry for the crummy picture.