View Full Version : Ronnie McCoury Video

May-05-2004, 7:03am
I recently met a cafe member (batman) who is a great picker (more on that in another post at a later date). #He leant me his copy of Ronnie McCoury's Bluegrass Mandolin VHS tape.

It's great, and I like the fact that Del is in it too. #(My wife laughs every time he did that little 'eyebrow-lift' thing.)

But I noticed one thing right away. #He is describing that "split string" technique, and he indicates what fret to place your finger at, and he says the "fifth" fret, but it is obviously the sixth! #Ok, big deal. #I saw it was the sixth, you all would too, but it sure seems like something that should have been noticed and caught in editing, don't you think? #

I noticed this earlier when I watched a clip of the video on the homespun website. #I can't remember if he was describing the split string thing there or something else, but he says the wrong fret number.

I guess Ronnie doesn't need to know the fret number. #Maybe he counts em off funny! #It doesn't affect his playing does it?

May-07-2004, 8:08am
Just like a computer - starts counting at 0.