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Jan-31-2004, 2:46pm
Bought this in July '02 and barely play it so I'll post some pics before it hits the classifieds.

Jan-31-2004, 2:49pm

Jan-31-2004, 2:50pm

Jan-31-2004, 2:52pm

Jan-31-2004, 2:54pm
one more backside

Jan-31-2004, 4:41pm
Mandomick, nice looking mando, but the large images sure take alot of board space.

Jan-31-2004, 5:17pm
I believe the image sizes are limited on upload to 72K bytes each. Maybe a dozen images would be overkill, but 5 seems reasonable. What are we supposed to post in this area if not pictures of mandolins? I would also hope the board would be somewhat self-balancing, and archive older threads to maintain active thread space.

BTW, these are nice photos. I've always liked the look of the Gallatin (I have a Hyalite). What does it sound like? Probably not even broken in yet.

Jan-31-2004, 7:17pm
Sorry JMUSIC,Images are limited to 76800 bytes and with my camera set on the lowest quality image, I still had to compress them so they would post. It was hard enough trying to figure that out but I'd still like to know how to shrink them visually.

Thanks DarthWoody, It's a great sounding mandolin that responds equally well to a subtle light touch or a good hard chop chord. The only reason I'm selling it is that I already have a Bluett F5, a BRW coming in a week or so and a mandola a few months after that. Doesn't make sense to have 'em and not play 'em plus it'll free up some cash!

Jan-31-2004, 7:36pm
Tried something else to cut physical size of image.

Jan-31-2004, 9:49pm
great looking mandolin... i like no binding on the body... i think the nice curved edge looks great. never had the chance to put my hands on a weber yet...

Feb-01-2004, 2:18am
I love this hybrid idea. Is that just a Big Sky neck and paint job on a Gallatin (maple upgrade) body? #I really dig those pointy fret marker inlays. Are those the Big Sky Stars? And finally I really dig the back side of the peghead where it goes to a point on the neck. #Is that a Big Sky neck feature too?

I like those BIG pictures! #You can really drink in the magic.

Feb-01-2004, 10:15am
she's a beaut.

Feb-05-2004, 10:27am
She's a real honey
Is that a bone insert in that Brekke?
Just how much you going to be asking for her?


Feb-05-2004, 5:55pm
Thanks for the kind words guys, I appreciate it.

Russ, that's a fossilized walrus ivory saddle that the Thunderplucker sells in the classifieds. I currently have it listed for $1600.

Feb-07-2004, 2:53pm
Thanks to Scott's Cafe classifieds a very affable young man just became the new owner of this mandolin. Thanks Scott. And Daryl, I hope you enjoy your new mandolin.

Feb-07-2004, 3:01pm
Thank God! I didn't think I could stand it much longer! congrats!