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Jan-31-2004, 2:14pm
Ok, last night I went to see New Found Road. I had heard of em but I had never actually heard them much less seen them live. Let me tell ya, this band is playing some major gospel grass. I have seen Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver and they were mighty good. However, New Found Road is up there right next to em'. Rob Baker their mandolin player use to play with Rhonda Vincent and the Rage....holly smoke can this guy play. He is only 22 and is one of the finest mando players I have seen. And I have Chris Thile, Sam Bush, Doyle Lawson, and many others. This guy right up there. Well I just wanted to get the word out on some great music. It's so good I bought both of their CD's and Rob Baker's solo CD. Not only does he play a great mando but he also plays guitar and piano just as well. He has some big hitters on his solo project including Adam Steffey.

Jan-31-2004, 6:00pm
Those guys are from here in the Cincinnati area..they are a good newbie band. I dont know if I'd go to the extent of comparing Robbie to the greats but someday he may be.He did play bass for RV for about a year or so.

They have good connections in the southern gospel world theu Jr.Williams and this will help them with the Politics of playing the gospel circuit.

Jan-31-2004, 10:03pm
What do they sound like vocally?