View Full Version : Praise Music Tabs?

Kent Black
May-03-2004, 7:24pm
Does anyone know where I can find some tabs for praise and worship songs? #I'm just a beginner but my son is also and he is learning the guitar so it would be a great father and son thing to learn what he is learning. #He is learning from friends and taking lessons. #Thanks for any help!


John Flynn
May-04-2004, 6:15am
I have played in the P&W music area for many years and I am not sure if I have run across any tab, but if I have, it has been rare. You can occasionally find some public domain spiritual stuff, "Amazing Grace, ect." tabbed on bluegrass sites. The P&W tunes are mostly documented in standard notation, in sheet music you have to buy from the publisher. BTW, they tend to be as serious about thier copyrights as anyone in the music business. However, I find P&W to be some of the easier music out there to learn by ear. The melodies tend to be dramatic, but pretty memorable and un-complex. Traditional church music is much more difficult. Sorry, not much help, I know.