View Full Version : mando string winders

May-03-2004, 8:46am
Hey all you mando heads, where can I find an inexpensive mandolin string winder for changing strings? #All I seem to be able to find are string winders for guitars and basses. I am not interested in the twenty some odd dollar ones offered at Elderly (http://www.elderly.com/accessories/items/CU60-MPL.htm).

Coy Wylie
May-03-2004, 8:52am
I took a standard $2 plastic Dunlop guitar model and sawed off a section that fits over the tuner to make it the right width for mando. Then I superglued the end piece back in place. Presto. A $2 mando string winder.

Mike Crocker
May-03-2004, 10:51am
Willard's idea works very well. Other alternatives might include a home made hardwood winder (I make my own), the Planet Waves winder which fits small buttons well, and the Dean Markley Turbotune. Good luck!

Peace, Mooh.

John Flynn
May-03-2004, 11:11am
I will second the recommendation for the Dean Markley Turbotune. I have used one on the mando for years and never felt the need to find a better one. I especially like that the head pops out and fits in a electric screwdriver and that the head has multiple contours so that it can be used on any size tuning buttons, from bass to mando, equally well.

May-04-2004, 7:00pm
Yeah, I'm a tightwad like Willard, I did the same thing. Put a little tape around it so I don't whack any lacquer of the points. Does work fine, and very cheap!

May-05-2004, 9:43am
Hey guess what, I was in a music store and came across a string winder that can handle guitars and mandos. It has two slots, one narrow for mandos, the other sized for guitar that is mated in the middle like a cross. It is called Hefty String Winder (and bridge pin remover) by D'Andrea. Yonkle and Willard, good ideas, thanks.