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Steve Davis
Jan-02-2007, 10:02am
I got a chance to play a Gibson Nouveau F-5-style mandolin and was quite impressed with it. Does anybody else have one or does anybody have any info about these? From what I can gather these were made in Japan and finished by Gibson. The label inside is orange and says Gibson. Model # is listed as C-7. Just curious as I have never seen one before or heard one mentioned. I guess they had a line of Nouveau guitars at the same time.

Martin Jonas
Jan-02-2007, 10:05am
Do a search for "Nouveau" to find previous discussions. This (http://www.mandolincafe.net/cgi-bin/ikonboard.cgi?act=ST;f=12;t=20757;hl=nouveau) is a starting point.


Jan-02-2007, 10:06am
Basically a Epiphone with a different name. Not all solid woods either.

Steve Davis
Jan-02-2007, 10:28am
Thanks for your speedy responses. I did a search but included too many words I guess. The only think I noticed about the mandolin that didn't seem standard was the string spacing at the nut. They were at equal intervals similar to the Sam Bush style. The appearance and sound were nice though.

Jan-02-2007, 10:37am
Made during the Norlin days. Frets mag used to run adverts with color spreads of this model.

Jan-02-2007, 10:50am
When you go out into the public world of mandolin pickers you run into all sorts of factory made models but you seldom if ever run into one of these. Rare Bird in the Gibson mandolin world. I guess it never caught on in the USA. If you played one that was decent there is a good chance it has been reworked for tune by some luthier that can do that sort of thing. They sure needed all the help they could get to sound and play good. Many times mandolins will change hands and the details of how so and so regraduated the top and reset the neck gets lost in the changing of hands to a new owner.

Jan-16-2017, 11:41pm
I have a Gibson Nouveau C_7. Has very good sound.