View Full Version : 1906 3pt f2 on ebay

Dec-07-2006, 7:27pm
Pretty nice (http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260062425296). Too bad about the cracks.

This is at the closest guitar shop to my home, so I'll slip over and check it out. Anyone have any questions about it?

Dec-07-2006, 8:11pm
Yeah, would you give me a few thou so I can bid?

Dec-07-2006, 8:15pm
The neck heel crack would give me some pause. I'd want to see that in hand. Nice piece otherwise!

Dec-07-2006, 8:56pm
Dan, I will get the SN for you, if possible, to add to the archive.

Dec-08-2006, 12:57am
bad timing...its Xmas and I'd only buy it for myself...kids, etc. come before me!

Dec-08-2006, 7:26am
mrmando- check up above the label for the stamp # too please, should be on the neck block

Dec-08-2006, 5:55pm
I like it. Wish I could buy it. Thanks for posting the pic.

Dec-11-2006, 11:36am
OK, had a look at this one. It's LOUD. Typical but not overwhelming "tubbiness" in the tone. Pro setup. Quite responsive; well intonated; plays pretty well up the neck. Not the easiest Gibson to play, compared to later ones, but as instruments of this vintage go it might be better than most. (I haven't played enough of them to know for sure.) Could work for Celtic or jazz; I don't think it's all that great for classical. As you can see in the photos, in terms of neck angle and bridge height, this instrument is a lot closer to a bowlback than later Gibsons. Original hardware, including Handels and pineapple tailpiece. The bridge isn't perfectly seated; the instrument might benefit from a newly fitted bridge.

No open seams, top sinkage, loose braces, etc. One could wish the crack repairs on the heel and headstock had been handled with a little more attention to cosmetics, although they seem solid enough. Neck oversprayed, probably when the heel crack was fixed. The 1.5" crack at the lower treble point does not seem to have been repaired. Fretboard is a tiny bit "wavy" if you look at it with a critical eye, but it still seems to fret cleanly & in tune. Modern shaped case. Excellent condition for such an old instrument.

SN: 4926. FON: 264. Not entirely sure about the last digit on the FON, but that's my best guess.

Paul Hostetter
Dec-18-2006, 2:13am
Cracked heels are common in those, it's one of the drawbacks of Spanish cedar. I have had really good luck making the crack disappear, but that was frankly because I was the first person to deal with it. I have seized that opportunity to give the neck a bit more tilt than it had in the first place, which means a bit taller bridge and improved clearance for the pick over the top. Is that finish original? It looks so shiny.