View Full Version : Played the new Rigel G5 & a Collings MF5

Jan-30-2004, 10:40pm
Went in to check out Buffalo Brothers new store (they moved last weekend). Hanging there was a stunning new Rigel G5 ($6295). I played it and it was great, fit and finish were exceptional, the tone was right on the money. As luck would have it there was also a new "no frills" satin finish Collings MF right next to it ($3895). I don't have the funds to even think about either one but I'll tell you that Collings had the sound to die for. I am very confident that in a blind test it would be the runaway favorite. It sure wasn't as nicely appointed as the Rigel (or the upper level Collings models) but that dog could bark and somebody is going to get a great mando for the money.

John Flynn
Jan-30-2004, 11:26pm
Can you compare and contrast the tone and volume of the two in a little more detail? I am really curious. Those are two very appealing instruments to me.