View Full Version : GHS silk n steels on my teens gibson

Loren Bailey
Nov-25-2006, 11:04pm
Last week I was due for a string change. Been using GHS Med-Lt phos bronze (Bobby Osbournes) with pretty good results. The only PBs I happened to have was a set of J74s so I used them. At first the mando was dead, unresponsive. It got a little better but not much. I told myself to give it a week. Well that was today and I was only too happy to cut those strings off. Had a spare set of GHS Silk and Steels lying around and thought I'd try them out. WOW, let me repeat, WOW! My mando responds very well to them. It's alive again. After an hour and a half of noodlin' around it's louder, sweeter, deeper and more responsive to touch. My new favorite strings. I've heard the horror stories on their short life span so I guess I better order some more!

Just thought I'd pass along my success story for anyone else in the same prediciment.

All the best,

John Flynn
Nov-25-2006, 11:19pm
I was only too happy to cut those strings off
You cut the strings off? http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/rock.gif

Nov-25-2006, 11:19pm
I used to use them on my madolin banjo, I found that the wound strings did not stand up long. They sounded nice though.

Loren Bailey
Nov-26-2006, 3:10am
Just a figure of speech of Johnny!


Nov-26-2006, 9:57am
yep...those brought my 06 A1 to life also, way more tonally pleasing than the phosphor bronze types...I love them!

Nov-26-2006, 12:22pm
You cut the strings off?

You guys don't have a "de-stringing tool"?

Michael Gowell
Nov-26-2006, 7:20pm
I too liked the S&S strings on my early ('09) Gibson, but found the Silk & Bronze even better. #Great sound, low tension, and no problems with short string life - I often go 6 months between changes.

Nov-27-2006, 10:33pm
Hey Loren... I'm with MM - the GHS Silk & Bronze strings are "IT" for me! So easy to play, warm and complex tone, and they do last and last and sound better as they age. Check the price from First Quality Music.

Walter Newton
Nov-27-2006, 10:43pm
Wow, I haven't heard of Silk & Bronze strings before, thanks for the tip, will have to look into them...my girlfriend is learning to play guitar and likes the soft feel and mellow sound of Silk & Steel, but they get corroded and dead sounding so quickly...

Nov-29-2006, 2:04pm
I also use the GHS Silk & Bronze exclusively; they are like Silk & Steel that last......

Loren Bailey
Nov-29-2006, 5:46pm
I've never tried the Silk n' Bronze. I've always found other bronze strings to be very bright and brash. Any comment?


Dec-01-2006, 11:13am
the silk & bronze are the only PB strings i will use. to me, they sound great as soon as you string them up- nor jangly tones or brashness. they already sound like a played in string, and as was said before they sound better the longer you use them.

Dec-01-2006, 12:43pm
Yes Loren, Cooper has got it right. These are VERY fine strings... really nothing else to compare them to. The DA J74's are great for a certain sound or attack, but I find the S&Bs are much more versatile. Now if only GHS would make a set for Mandola in the same gauge as the DA set... hmmm....

Mike Buesseler
Dec-01-2006, 6:51pm
One more vote for those GHS Silk & Bronze. And I've tried a LOT of other strings. I keep coming back to these on both my Gibson A and my Collings MF.

Oh, I tried them on my Collings guitar, btw. No deal, for me, at least. They just didn't do it for me on guitar. Just goes to show how unique each instrument is, I guess.

Dec-03-2006, 7:52am
One factor in considering the GHS Silk and Steel strings is that the Bass Strings are .040 in, which is a few thou bigger than most. It may be a tight fit in bridge and nut grooves.

Loren Bailey
Dec-03-2006, 9:49am
I think I better get a couple sets of the S&Bs. I just bought a Phoenix Bluegrass and I'd be interested to hear how they sound on that. Thanks all, once again this site has proved to be an invaluable resource.


Dec-03-2006, 12:19pm
One factor in considering the GHS Silk and Steel strings is that the Bass Strings are .040 in, which is a few thou bigger than most. It may be a tight fit in bridge and nut grooves.

Yea but they made my g-string a major boomer with kickin sustain too! I do need to try the S&B's tho to see how they are.

Loren congrats on the new tool...I've been dreamin of one of those for a long while.

Loren Bailey
Dec-03-2006, 7:43pm
Hey Jeff! How are ya? I lucked into the Phoenix. Think I'll have the same relationship with it that you have with your Givens. This baby is sweet.


Dec-03-2006, 8:50pm
Hey Loren, thats great to hear...sometimes they just talk to ya...mine sez don't let go!