View Full Version : Irish sessions in Indiana

steve V. johnson
Apr-27-2004, 3:58pm
Bloomington, Indiana

On Fridays, 5pm - 7:30pm @ The Encore Cafe, 316 W. Sixth St.
The Encore has great food, desserts, coffees and beers &
wines! We've just moved to
the Encore from another pub, so we're getting to know the
room and the staff.

On Sundays 7-ish til... @ The Runcible Spoon Coffeehouse,
412 E. Sixth St. Chef Matt O'Neill makes us welcome and
offers a wonderful menu, great coffees, teas, beer & wine
and desserts!

On Tuesdays 7pm til 9pm @ The Runcible Spoon Coffeehouse,
412 E. Sixth St. , master flutist and concertina player
Grey Larsen hosts a gathering of his special friends to
play Irish trad.

In Indianapolis

Tuesdays 7pm-ish til... (usually 10:30pm or so..)
The Golden Ace Inn, 2533 E. Washington St., has been THE Irish pub in Indy since 1934. The McGinley family hosts us in a wonderful, rowdy session that is the most like being in Ireland that I know of.

In Bloomington, or in Indy on Tuesdays, find the fat guy with dark hair, glasses and a bouzouki (me, steve johnson) and tell him you saw the notice here at the Mando Cafe!

Thanks, see ya there!