View Full Version : Tony Rice and the Lonesome River Band

Apr-26-2004, 2:24pm
A few others have posted about the great "musical" weekends they have had so I thought I would add my 2 cents.

About month or so ago it was brought to my attention that Tony Rice was coming to Michigan for a show with the Lonesome River Band over this past weekend. I immediately told a few friends about it and we made plans to go. Well, we are a procrastinating bunch and low and behold the show sold out right under our noses. But not to be out done by our sloth we decided that a quick car ride to Chicago would solve our dilemma. We were able to secure four tickets to the 10:00 show this past Saturday night at the Old Town School of Folk. Plus we were rewarded for our 5 hour car trip with an opening act - King Wilkie.

This was my first time seeing T. Rice and I was impressed indeed. His breaks were lightning quick and his tone was awesome. Plus he made it look so darn easy. He truly is a master. The LRB was really good too. When backing Tony up they played a bunch of his tunes...Old Train, Hold What you Got, etc. The lead singer of the LRB has a great voice and sounded fantastic of those T. Rice tunes. The other members of the band were outstanding musicians and all and all it was a great show.

But for me the unexpected highlight was King Wilkie. These guys are great. They really look like they've been performing for years. I am not sure if it was their energy, the mystique of the single mic or what but these guys really knocked my socks off. You could tell they were having the time of their lives up on that stage. If you get a chance, go see these guys.