View Full Version : Kalamazoo KM-21 1937 setup

Apr-26-2004, 1:05pm
Is there anyone out there still playing a Kalamazoo?

Iīve got hold of a Kalamazoo KM-21 `37, and itīs beyond doubt the best mandolin Iīve had. LOTS of potential!

It came with a rosewood bridge, which has now been replaced with a bridge made of locust wood (!) (This is a feature invented by Jim Bevins, Ticonderoga; his brother uses locust for bridge on his dobro).
The locust bridge works absolutely fine.
It canīt be that the rosewood bridge was the original, can it, or didnīt they put ebony bridges on the "depression discount model"?

What is your prefered bridge material for your Kalamazoo? Iīd really like to know! #

Iīd also like to know what strings you Kalamazoonians find the best?
The fretboard on mine had to be sanded down because of a slight warp, and I wonder if it would be wise to put medium gauged strings on it in order to gain volume? I just donīt want to see the neck curl again.

I can feel this mando wants to bark and go do some banjokilling, the body really has a nice vibration; I just got the feeling something is not quite right. Maybe itīs the strings, maybe itīs the wrong pick I use, and it could very well be because of my poor technical skills.

If anybody out there with a Kalamazoo has some good experience he/she wants to share, Iīd be happy to learn!

Thanks, Søren