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Oct-29-2006, 6:11pm
This has been on my mind for a while and wanted to know if anyone else has thought about it.
When you look at the F-5 journal, All the serial numbers are all there in front of you for the F-5s. You can get a real good picture as to how the batchs were and what ones were not in batchs. You can see the progresseion of the F-5s as well as a slew of other info. You can take the journal a bit further and divde the serial #s listed and put them into years.
The way it is laid out, A lot of things can become more clear. I can't imagine just looking at the archive and not having the journal there to make better sense of the early f-5s.
I guess I feel alot of people could benefit If they also had the journal or a portion of the archive was laid out like the journal. Just my thoughts.

Oct-30-2006, 5:40am
Time is always the problem. I have a lot of facility in the database to add "collections" or commentaries, but the day job has been keeping me pretty busy lately! The good part, though, is that I can still have the options of doing this down the line.. the basic design is very clean from an information storage standpoint.

It's only been even in the last 6 months that I feel we're starting to have enough records in the database to make some generalizations... especially with the very early ones which were not very well-recorded previously.

But yes, Scott frequently reminds me that my search features on the archive suck. Hope to improve them when I have more time !

Darryl Wolfe
Oct-30-2006, 11:09am
Chris, Have you clicked on the "F5Journal" button on the archive search?

Oct-30-2006, 12:28pm
Darryl, I did look at that. # The F-5 journal hard copy has been so helpfull to me in the learning process. The way you have it laid out describing the headstock changes, binding changes, tuners and so forth sets a real nice basis to understand the fundamental begings of the F-5. Then you can see the evolution up through the fern years. When you couple all that together and can see all the serial #s #and short descriptions when turning the pages, I can get a better understanding of everything.

Maybe it's just the way my brain works but, I feel the hard copy just made things clearer for me. I still refer back to it on many occasion.
The Archive is set up wonderful and is a priceless resource! and can do things the journal can't. #I just feel the journal in the hard copy form adds so much to whole picture. #I haven't seen a copy of it available for quite some time and hope that others will some day be able to either get the last version or the next.

Darryl Wolfe
Oct-30-2006, 4:59pm
Thanks, time to reprint. #I get what you mean now as the archive version has a short description, you have to go to the individual page for the whole story