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Apr-26-2004, 9:41am
A 2 CD set I was interested in for under 20 bucks. #Called bill monroe: anthology. #does anyone have it? #is it worth it? #I do not own any bill monroe stuff yet, other than some live stuff from bluegrassbox.com.



Apr-26-2004, 10:13am
If your a true bluegrasser skip the 2 & get the 4 cd set its well worth the extra imo

Apr-26-2004, 10:15am
keymandoguy Posted on April 26 2004, 10:13
If your a true bluegrasser skip the 2 & get the 4 cd set its well worth the extra imo



Apr-26-2004, 10:33am
I've got both and recommend if you have the funds to get both. The Anthology focuses on the 50's and 60's. A lot of twin fiddle arrangements. A weird Hammond organ version of Kentucky Waltz that create a strong urge to yell "All Skate".

I got a pretty good Monroe CD collection... I really dig the set that covers the early stuff then the pre-Flatt and Scruggs and then transitions into Flatt and Scruggs and ends at 1949 with Mac Wiseman... not sure about title but it is a small box 2 or 3 CD set. It has all kinds of sounds... Accordion solos to boot.

Apr-26-2004, 4:02pm
Since I own most every Monroe CD, singles & box sets, I'd reccomend for a starter the four CD set by MCA.
It gives a good panorama of his career, from his duets with his brother Charlie to his lasat recordings.

Apr-27-2004, 10:30am
A nice booklet too with the 4CD set. The tunes/CDs are in chronological order and start with a couple from the Monroe Brothers and goes on up into the 70s and possibly the 80s but I caint recall when it stops.

Apr-27-2004, 11:05am
That 4 CD is great. I'm listening to it now, at work, while I have my lunch. Soldier's Joy is on.

Apr-27-2004, 4:31pm
Well, I should've been more honest. I bought it already and had it ready to open when I decided to question you folks. I HAVE opened it and am currently enjoying it....I haven't got to Soldier's Joy yet beanbass.

John Flynn
Apr-27-2004, 4:33pm
I have it and I like it. I was not a hard-core BG or Monroe fan previously, but that set really stepped my interest level up.

Apr-27-2004, 5:52pm
I got the 16 Gems (plus the tabs for that record), then the 4 CD set (it's a great overview)and confess I have since moved on to the hard stuff...yep, the Bear Record sets, have two 1950-1959, 1959-1969, need two more.

Apr-28-2004, 7:33am
get the two cds that folkways put out, one is w/Doc Watson the other with what i consider his best band which includes Bill Kieth its titled BM '69 to '84 Smithsonian something......