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Apr-26-2004, 9:00am
I've been working on Red Haired Boy as done by Chris Thile on his DVD, and I'm really interested in developing rhythm chops like the ones he uses during the "play along" portion of the song. I know what the chords to the song are, but I'm struggling a bit to duplicate the chord voicing that Thile uses in places, especially the way he's making the A in the B part of the song.

If anyone who is familiar with this DVD could provide some insight or guidance into how he's doing his backup playing for this song, I would be most appreciative.


Dru Lee Parsec
Apr-26-2004, 9:54am
OK, this is from memory but it should help you get there.

Each - is one beat. So A--D is the same as AAAD or 3 beats of A and one beat of D.

A section
A--D|A--G|A--D|AEA-| Repeat
Or I sometimes play
A--D|A-GD|A--D|AEA-| Repeat

B section
G-D-|A--D|A--D|AEA-| Repeat

I don't know the exact chord forms he's using. That would be an interesting excercise to try to transcribe it from the video/DVD.

Apr-26-2004, 11:32am
I don't know how Chris does it, but I play the chords differently.

A section is:


But he did say he knows the chords, just not the different voicings http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif


Apr-26-2004, 1:44pm
Right -- however, here are the chords I'm using (measure by measure):

A, A/D, A, G
A, A/D, A, E (or E7)/A

Em, D, A, G
A, A/D, A, E (or E7)/A

I can see that CT uses a lot of open forms, and think I've got a handle on most of them, but it's when he goes into the B part that I get a little lost. He's doing something with the A and the G that I can't quite figure out.

Basically, I'm just trying to move beyond the basic chop, closed chord and was interested in trying some of the stuff CT does rhythmically -- Red Haired Boy is just one example, but it's such a basic tune I thought it would be a good place to start.