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Oct-23-2006, 9:30pm
What would be a reasonable price to pay for a mid to late 30s A-00 in good to VG condition?

Are they good players or just collectible??


DB in Georgia

Oct-24-2006, 12:02am
you take pictures? condition survey?

Oct-24-2006, 12:32pm
I paid $1100 for mine 3 years ago then had some work done on it. If I were to sell it I'd ask $1600. I love playing blues tunes on it. I play with a group of women (folk/bluegrass) and one of them has fallen in love with the A-00's sound. mine is about a '34 - it has f-holes, top binding, elevated pick guard, still has the flat back, and the FON is 3 digits (no letter). I bought it because I play in jug bands and it seemed the perfect jug band mandolin.


Oct-24-2006, 12:42pm
Thanks, wah

I'm looking at one with an oval sound hole and it seems to be in pretty good shape. Price is in that range, and the fact is, if it's a good mando, you wouldn't want to part with it at any price.

Oct-24-2006, 1:01pm

I was going to sell mine last fall when I had some financial problems and my girlfriend told me she'd buy it to keep it from leaving the house. I didn't sell it to anybody and weathered the storm. So it in fact is not for sale. Mine is in excellent condition. Here (http://www.provide.net/~cfh/gibson8.html#a00) is a good resource on these. I'm not sure they were consistant but mine is as identified as 1934. I don't know what the oval holes sound like but my f-hole A-00 has this cool funky sound that works with old blues stuff.


Tom Mylet
Oct-24-2006, 2:45pm
I just happened to be browsing and noticed an A-00 at Vintage Instruments in Phila. It's listed as 1934-35,has replaced tuners and a hard case for $850. I have no financial interest but have had good results dealing with them. www.vintage-instruments.com
Tom M

Oct-24-2006, 3:30pm
That's very similar to mine but without the pickguard - and with really ugly tuners! #http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/tounge.gif #I don't know much about the collectibility of these since I wasn't thinking in collectors' terms when I bought mine, but it is all original.