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Apr-24-2004, 5:19pm
I have just finished my very last exam, folks! I'm not satisfied with it and I'm not sure it'll pass, but Iäve never been satisfied with my exams during these three years and I've always passed anyway.
Anyway, I've celebrated by trying to record Cherokee shuffle with back-up. I tried a very weird way to do it. My problem is that I can never get the back-up and the melody to synchronize even if I try with the time shift control. So I thought that if I first record a midi file. Then I record myself playing along with the midi file. And then I record myself chopping to the midi file. Hmm, should work. And it did! Actually, it should work with just the click track (I don't fight too badly against metronomes anymore, can you believe it), I'll try that next time.

I've put up the new Cherokee file on the Yahoo group, so go and listen (or wait until it's on the Mando Project site) and tell me what you think. It's my very first file with both melody and back-up and even if my timing is a bit off, I'm proud of it.

Apr-25-2004, 9:28am
Just to let ya'll know. I really like tej's voice on her I'll Fly Away version she submitted to Miscellaneous Musings. So I began to play with it and added some tracks. Talking to tej, we worked to get the balance better between the added tracks and her orignial submission.

This has been a fun collaboration and tej has been so very gracious allowing me to tinker. She has a wonderful voice to work off of. I have just uploaded our collaborative effort to Yahoo. Please take a listen and let us know what you think.

I was thinking also, and Craig you have to be the final arbiter, that there are so many talented musicians in this group, that it might be fun to do some more collaborative works. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif Anyway, see what think. Hope I am planting a seed that will grow.

And thank you tej for being such a good collaborator. I have really enjoyed this.


Apr-25-2004, 10:45am

got you guys up in the Misc Musings. sounds great! your voices go well, together. you've got a bit of Garcia gruff in your voice and she's got a bit of the Carter style. a nice mix. i think the collaborative works idea is a good one. if others are interested, i can create another section on the mainpage that features these pieces--o.k. by me. i'm open to any suggestions or ideas.

Apr-25-2004, 2:33pm
It's been great working with you, Harlan! I have some other things you could help me make better, for example I'm working on Wildwood flower, if you (or anyone else) is interested.
It's interesting you say that I sound like Carter, a friend of mine says that all the time, that I sound like Sara Carter.

Apr-26-2004, 7:27am
great job tjej, and harlan. Enjoyed it. Ironically, my sister-in-law wants em to learn that song so she can sing it and I play with her.... I need a good simple break to learn for it. (the one on alltabs and co-mando look a little over my head with all that dbl stpping.)


Apr-26-2004, 8:04am

A simple break that is effective with that song is to play the melody line. No ornamentation needed as it is such a great melody. That is unless you want to experiment with adding ornamentation.

I will say that while I like and appreciate those that can really fill in with tons of arpeggios and 8th notes, A lot of times, the music that I like best and moves me more is simplicity. But that is just my taste.

Glad you liked it. Maybe you can do a collaboration with someone.

I would be honored to work with you again if you like. But I know that there are so many good musicians in here, that maybe they can add even more than I can. Let's see what the response is.

So how's about it guys and gals, any takers?


Apr-26-2004, 4:25pm
your voices go well, together.
Well, FWIW I do not hear it.

When I click on the bluegrasstjej w/ harwilli55 selection I only get bluegrasstjej's version - not the combo.

I really like Susanne's version tho, so I do not mind listening to it again.


ps: I hear it now; I went to Harwilli's site and grabbed it there! Great guys.

Apr-26-2004, 4:30pm
UGGGHH! my fault (again). fixed it. thanks for the tip OzArkie.


Apr-27-2004, 8:38am

http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif Glad you stopped over at the website!!! Feels great to have visitors.

The version that I have uploaded at the website is not the one that Susi and I ended uploading to Misclellaneous Musings. She rightfully suggested that the back-up harmonies needed to be more supporting and in the back ground. I do think that the final version does that much better and reaches my original goal which was to add and support what Susi created and not put myself in the spotlight. I really wanted to enhance her voice and support her mandolin playing to bring them out more fully. I hope that is what happened.

I certainly hope and would like to see some other collaborations as well as collaborate with others in the future. I think it would be a neat way to make music at a distance.

I am still learning how to work with tracks and often times, what I hear from the mix I have in the wave files is much different when mixed-down and converted to MP3. So I tinker and tinker and tinker :0

Glad you liked it though, and am glad that you reminded me that I need to switch out the other version for the final version.

Come back and visit the website again.


Martin Jonas
Apr-27-2004, 8:48am

Speaking of your web site, I've enjoyed "Brennan On The Moor" -- a song I've known since earliest childhood, but one that you hardly ever hear anybody sing. When I was a toddler, my parents had a 1960s album by the McPeake Family with a ludicrously touristy cover and the one song that lodged itself in my mind from it was "Brennan On The Moor". I was deeply shocked a few months ago when I played the song on mandolin to my mother and she said that she has no recollection of ever hearing it before. What do you mean you've never heard it before: it's part of my childhood!


Apr-27-2004, 9:08am

http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif I can understand the shock well. So many things that I remember from my childhood and my parents get a blank look on their faces!!! And I think also, WHOA, wait a minute...how in the world can that have possibly not been as important to you.....then we laugh and discover all over again those wonderful times.

I am glad you came to the website and enjoyed Brennan. Our singer has a fine fine voice and has been singing for a long time. He goes to Ireland once a year at least as part of his Job with the University. He comes back full of new energy from each visit and new songs for us to work on.

It is funny though, because he is so immersed in his Irish roots music that he has spent little time learning American music. Since that is part of our repertoire, he is having fun discovering a whole new vast untapped arena of music. It is fun to be a part of.

Come visit again and thanks for letting me know that you were there.