View Full Version : Gotoh "Mini" enclose single machine heads

Magnus Geijer
Apr-22-2004, 7:10pm
Spotted these while browsing through International Luthiers Supply and was wondering if they're any good. Has anyone tried them?

GG802, lower half of page. (http://www.internationalluthiers.com/machineheadsp3.php)


Apr-23-2004, 12:19am
I believe that's what Radim Zenkl's main axe had on it, but that was several years ago. I know they weren't the usual mando tuners. I didn't try tuning it but I know he's one of the most tune conscious guys around(he has dog ears!) so they would have to work good. I had just assumed they were like off a Strat or something. I would bet they would work good and not be so bad about getting sloppy and sticky like the usual open tuners. Looks like a set would cost about what a set of Waverly's would cost though, right? Also they wouldn't work on a F style peghead......

May-01-2004, 11:03am
I'd like to know where you're getting Waverly's for $25.50. Notice that the price is for a set of 8, not each.

May-01-2004, 9:18pm
'scuse me, I saw "individual mini tuners" and thought that meant each.

Bandersnatch Reverb
May-02-2004, 6:25pm
Are these the same as the Gotoh mini guitar tuners, just in the "mandolin" section?

May-02-2004, 8:11pm
Asked I.L.S, what is the minimum spacing? ie will they fit as a replacement for 4 on a plate tuners?
no reply as yet.

Bandersnatch Reverb
May-02-2004, 9:45pm
minimum spacing on the guitar tuner is .725 for the Mini-Grover and .800 (give or take a few thou) on the mini Schaller. I'd imagine the Gotoh are close to that, thus allowing the .906 spread with a little breathing room.

The bigger question is if the buttons will clear the peghead, ie the side clearance.