View Full Version : Mandobass, church bass(?) on eBay

Sep-30-2006, 1:50pm
Anyone recognize this (http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=120035995259)?

Appears to have several splits in the back, but perhaps those could be cleated up by someone with more talent and ambition than common sense.

Seller thinks the extra hole is for a pickup jack. Methinks it's for alternate endpin placement. Gibson mandobasses have two endpin holes: you can play the instrument upright or at an angle.

Linda Binder
Sep-30-2006, 2:14pm
There is one just like it that is played in the Milwaukee Mandolin Orchestra, a "Meyer" mando-bass. Click the photo link on the MMO website www.milmando.org
It's the first picture in the second set of pictures from Prairie Home companion. Sorry I don't have time to directly put it on here right now...

Sep-30-2006, 2:33pm
Thanks Linda. Here (http://milmando.org/aphc%20june%202006.html) is that link. Yep, that appears to be it, right down to the slotted peghead. Tell us how it sounds/plays if you have a moment.

Was Meyer a Larson Bros. brand?

In the next photo, it looks as though you also have the world's fastest mandocellist...

Linda Binder
Sep-30-2006, 5:02pm
Thanks for putting the link up for me! According to Dan Alexander's site larsonbrothersguitars.com, Meyer instruments were sometimes made by Larson. I'll see if I can find out more from Bruce, the mando-bassist. As for the sound -- it's a good "mando-bass" sound and it's loud too. I don't know about playablility though since I've never tried it myself.
I played with a quintet last week in a somewhat challenging space -- a crowded multi-level floor without too much space on each level. We were concerned about hearing each other and keeping together well so I brought a little acoustic rechargeable amp (Fender can) and put I mic on myself and the 2nd mando player and put the amp by the bass so he could hear us since I knew we'd be able to hear him! That seemed to work well enough to keep the high and low together and the middle ('dola and guitar)managed just fine.:)

Bob A
Sep-30-2006, 5:40pm
Looks like you're well equipped for repelling banjoists. Decor seems somewhat salty for a mid-continemt location?

Jim Garber
Sep-30-2006, 6:53pm
Yikes, Linda, what kind of dive are you playing in? Loopks like a cross between and western saloon and a tiki bar.


Linda Binder
Sep-30-2006, 7:27pm
Close! #It's a former vaudeville theater semi-converted into a house....a very cool place with a very cool owner. #He's quite a collector as you can see. #There are multiple levels to the place connected by spiral staircases in some places. #The main theater is still intact except for the floor being leveled out. #The embroidered curtains are still hanging! #The theater is in the flight path of the Milwaukee airport. #Years ago the owner painted in huge letters on the roof "Welcome to Cleveland" #He has letters on the wall from government officials expressing their opinions of it. #It occasionally confuses a pilot http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif #It's very funny...and it's still there! #You can even see it on Google maps. #The nautical stuff is because Milwaukee is right on lake Michigan and the other "home" for the guy is a 56 ft. tugboat that he take outs on the lake. #He has found lots of stuff from dives into the lake.