View Full Version : String recommendations for a 1930s Kalamazoo?

Sep-25-2006, 7:23am
I finally managed to buy a 1930s Kalamazoo A style to get some mojo back into my mando playing and to see what all the fuss is about. The mando seems to be quite solid, but I am looking for some recommedations for strings as I don't want to stress out the poor old girl (if that's possible) with too much tension, etc.

I've never owned one of these before so please let me know if the popular thinking is that I can string her up with whatever I usually use or if I should use a particuliar vintage friendly string (light, heavy or whatever).

May thanks in advance.

Jim Garber
Sep-25-2006, 7:28am
I would say you can't go too wrong with lights, like D"addario J-62s or equiv, to start. I am not sure if the K'zoos have truss rods or some interntal support but they might be able to take J-74s, in that case.

I am sure that some K'zoo owners will chime in.


Sep-25-2006, 8:43am
Another vote for light-gauge strings. I like the GHS A-250s availabe through www.juststrings.com (this is a great string company!). You may also like the D'Addario FT-74s, which are flat wound - some do and some do not. . . . .